Artwork to inspire poetry: black and white strawberry

black and white strawberry

Above is a black and white artwork of a strawberry.  It can inspire poetry.  Here are some ideas.  A poet could write about:

  • The idea of the loss of color. As this strawberry is presented without its usual colors of red, green, and so forth, a poet could write about someone or something losing color.  They could write about furniture that has faded.  They could write about a person so scared they lost the color in their face.  They could apply the idea symbolically, and write about a thing or person losing something fundamental to it or themselves.

  • A person not wanting to be noticed. This strawberry has a muted appearance.  It does not stand out as much as a colorful strawberry would.  A poet could apply this idea to people.  They could write about a person who does not want to be noticed.  An example might be a person at a performance who hopes they don’t get called up on stage.

  • A person not being noticed. As a corollary to the idea above, a poet could write about a person who isn’t noticed.  An example might be a person at a party who no one talks to (although not because they don’t like the person, but rather, because they don’t notice them).


Here is an example poem:

The leaves were green,
but then they changed,
first red,
then yellow,
then brown.
And then one day,
in the wind,
they blew away,
and the tree was bare.
The drought was in,
its hundredth day.

A photograph to inspire poetry: some type of lawn plant

some type of lawn plant

This is a photograph of either the seed pods or unopened flowers of some type of lawn plant. They are actually quite pretty with the red striped colors.

This photograph could inspire poetry. Here is a poem inspired by it:

After the rain,
and wind,
of the night,
in the cool morning,
the lawn celebrated,
with decorations.

Poem with an explanation: Fading

with time
the color fades
as the bright hues float off
within the hands of sun and rain
like mist

This poem was inspired by the fading wood of a fence.  The color of the wood in some way lessens, but at the same time, any individual moment of that lessening is not perceptible nor is where the color is taken.  It is as if the color slowly disappears.  The poem is meant to express that idea.

Artwork to inspire poetry: 10 colors 10 seconds each

10 colors 10 seconds each

Above is a piece of artwork that can inspire poetry.  It is comprised of ten colors.  Each color was applied for ten seconds one at a time.  Here is an example of a poem inspired by the making of this artwork.

ten different colors,
applied overlapping,
after a few,
trepidation grew,
that each new color,
would cover the rest.


Please feel free to use this artwork to help inspire a poem.