Poetry topic idea: commemoration

Today’s poetry topic idea is commemoration.  Many things can be commemorated in a person’s life.  They might be personal (e.g. a person commemorates the day they started a business) or impersonal (i.e. a commemoration of an external event like the anniversary of a historical event).

A poet could write a poem where they commemorate something.  They could also shift the perspective some and write about the commemoration itself.  As mentioned above, they could write about personal or impersonal events.

Although commemorating might generally be seen as positive, a poet could shift the perspective and write about a commemoration from a negative point of view.  They might write about the commemoration of a somber event.  They might also write about a person or group who was negatively impacted by an event that is being commemorated (e.g. a town with a sports team might commemorate a championship, while they town with the team that got defeated for the championship might not celebrate).  They might also write about someone with a negative emotion at an otherwise positive commemoration (i.e. an unhappy person at the party).

Here is an example poem that uses the idea of commemoration:

“This town was started,”
so the speech went,
“when all those years ago,
those determined pioneers,
who decided nothing would stop them,
no matter the cost,
decided this place,
would be a good spot,
to settle,
after two wagons broke down,
and no one had,
replacement wheels.”

Shadow Commemoration Day Forty

This is the last post in the commemoration of Shadow.  There have been twenty six posts counting this one in the forty day commemoration.

Shadow was a good dog and is loved and missed.  Hopefully this commemoration has helped honor him and has helped readers relate to him.

Below is a poem about Shadow.

Tomorrow, posts will go back to the way they had been.


A small,
joyful creature,
with happy eyes,
and a smile,
with gleeful romps,
and cheerful play,
he’s missed,
and loved

Shadow Commemoration Day Thirty Nine

How can there be a summary?

How can there be a commemoration?

How can all of it be expressed?

can’t illustrate the picture,
can’t illustrate the video,
can’t illustrate the memory,
can’t illustrate the life.

How, can how he moved, be described?

How, can how he sounded, be described?

How, can how he lived, be described?

In all of this,
there is an insufficiency.


P.S. M. Sakran has recently had an artwork accepted for publication.

Shadow Commemoration Day Twenty Nine

A border collie,
mixed with a chow –

playful and cute,
and a fluff ball.

In the spring,
in the tall green grass,
melting into it,
and seeming so small.

Those knots of hair,
behind the ears,
on the belly,
and on the tail.

The face that was black,
that slowly turned gray,
that seemed,
to quickly turn white.

Orange and brown eyes,
glowing in the darkness,
glowing in the light.

A little shadow.

Shadow Commemoration Day Twenty Eight

Shadow was a dog,
with many important skills:

he could sit,
shake hands,
and roll over

he would come when called,
he knew how to walk on a leash,
and he could get something thrown (although he wouldn’t bring it back)

he could chase animals,
he tried to chase cars,
and he would chase anyone with a toy

he was cute,
super cute,
amazingly cute (is this a skill?)

he could make,
with very little effort,
almost anyone,