Artwork to inspire poetry: love bugs

Love bugs

This artwork is of love bugs.  These bugs might also be called by other names.  At times, the bugs fly about attached to each other, hence their name.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Love, relationships and assorted ideas.

  • The idea of attachment.

  • Pairs.

  • Jealousy.

  • Letting go.

Here is a poem inspired by this artwork:

Holding hands,
in the park,
their first date

P. S. On, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction. The photograph is of a water lily, the artwork is of mandarin orange wedge, the poetry is about sunset on a lake, and the fiction is a short story about two women going to swim at a lake.  All of the items can inspire poetry.  Take a look at them, and let M. Sakran know what you think by using the form on the Contact page.

Artwork to inspire poetry: flower with the look of an aged ink drawing

flower with the look of an aged ink drawing

This artwork is of a flower.  It was made using a pencil followed by computer alteration.  Through the alteration, the flower was given the look of an aged ink drawing.  It has the resemblance of an old field sketch.

This artwork can inspire poetry in a number of ways.  A poet could:

  • look at the style of the artwork and write a poem about circumstances in which it could have been made
  • notice that the flower is tilted over and find a symbolism in this
  • contrast the look of the artwork with the idea of a bright colorful flower
  • write a poem examining if the flower is a weed or not and the idea of the classification