Poem with an explanation: rejuvenation

Concrete wanders,
through desert sands,
a stone statue moving,
through desolate lands.

There at the gates,
silence stands,
before the iron walls,
with sentry bands.

Into the darkness,
a cave of four walls,
a ghost floats forwards,
through empty halls.

In the far distance,
the water calls,
as all is spent,
memory falls.

Eyes open wide,
a world is seen,
air fills the lungs,
and breath is clean.

Into the room,
where farmers glean,
a life gains form,
and isn’t so lean.

Elixir is poured,
and all seems bright,
as life flows through veins,
and glows with light.

Onto the clouds,
down low from their height,
the form does rest,
from all its plight.


This poem is about rejuvenation.  The poem is about a construction worker who comes home after a long, tiring day.

The form of the poem is four line stanzas.  The stanzas are in rhyming sets of two stanzas each with a rhyming pattern of ABCB DBEB.  There are four sets.

In the first stanza, the construction worker comes home.  The worker is described as concrete and a stone statue.  The worker’s day is described as desert sands and desolate lands.

In the second stanza, the worker stands at their front door.  The worker is described as silence and the door is described as gates, iron walls, and a place with sentry bands.

In the third stanza, the person is in their house.  The house is described as darkness, a cave of four walls and empty halls.  The worker is described as a ghost.

In the fourth stanza, the imagery changes.  Things become positive.  In this stanza the worker takes a shower.  The shower is described as being in the far distance and as calling water.  The person is tired in the shower and is described as having all spent.  The dirt on the person, their tiredness and symbolically the day are washed away in the shower.  This is described as memory falls.

In the fifth stanza, the person is out of the shower.  They are starting to feel rejuvenated.  This is described as Eyes open wide, a world is seen, air fills the lungs and breath is clean.

In the sixth stanza, the person goes to their kitchen and eats.  The kitchen is described as the room, where farmers glean.  The person eating is described as the life gaining form and not being so lean.

In the seventh stanza, the person drinks water.  The water is described as Elixir, and the drinking of it has an effect described as all seems bright, as life flows through veins, and glows with light.

In the eighth stanza, the person lies down on their couch to rest.  The couch is described as clouds, down low from their height.


Poem: construction worker

by the side of the house,
the shirt soaked through with sweat,
fiberglass insulation pricking the skin,
a smear of mud on the face,
sawdust in the hair,
cuts on the hands,
burst open blisters,
dirt under the fingernails,
dirt stains on the pants,
something in the eyes,
the sun blazing,
coughing from the dust,
with swollen feet,
from seven am,
until past seven.