Poem: grilled cheese sandwich

in the pan
let it melt
low heat.

some dry mustard.

lots of options
have you tried

Another slice.





Maybe a few more times.
It’s a process.

When the color’s right
and the cheese is melted
and there’s that smell.


Are you going to make one now?


It’s understandable.

Artwork to inspire poetry: smoked pork ribs

smoked pork ribs

Above is a photograph of smoked pork ribs.  It is food as art.  It can inspire poetry.  (As a note, on December 27, 2017, the poetry topic idea: ribs was posted about.  Check that post for ideas about writing about ribs.)

it took a lot of time
and effort

there was wood
and water
and fire

the temperature
was too low

other times
too high

the water ran out

and there was a flare up

but sometimes
in cooking
there is more worth
than the food
you eat

Experimental Poetry Form: V

Today’s experimental poetry form is called V.  It is based on layout on the page.  The form consists of twenty one words in the shape of a V.  It looks as follows:


*                                       *

  *                                   *

    *                               *

      *                           *

        *                       *

          *                   *

            *               *

              *           *

                *       *

                  *   *


The form is read by going down the left side and then up the right side.  Here is an example poem written in the form:


Cooking                                 it.

  food                                   taste

    for                                 never

      others,                      will

        smelling                you

          the                    knowing

            aroma,          plate,

              and           a

                as         on

                  you   it


Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Two coins: Cooking chicken

The coals were lit and they did glow,
inside the grill where they did go.

Chili citrus chicken heating,
roasting slowly never cheating.

As heat from coals did rise and flow,
smoky currents quickly fleeting,

lingered slightly absent greeting,
while coals did cook the bird so slow.

(35/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Two coins

Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: 52431: The ears of corn

The ears of corn were shucked with speed,
and with quick hands they did this deed,
and this was done because of need,
so that the group they all could feed,
on each and every grilled corn bead.

The corn was grilled on burning coals,
to meet the group’s most hungry goals.

The corn did glow as it did heat,
the tasty grain that was not wheat,
and all who watched did want to eat,
the corn that looked to them so sweet.

The color changed as it did cook,
and soon it had a brand new look,
and then the corn they reached and took.

The ears of corn were grilled that day.

(6/40) Experimental Poetry Form: 52431

Poem series: Rondeaux Two: The Butter Melted

The Butter Melted

The butter melted within the pan,
and then around the edge it ran,
and in the pan the bread did go,
the slices placed within a row,
to cook right there as was the plan.

And in the box the eyes did scan,
to find the cheese behind the flan,
and then the heat was set to low,
the butter melted.

The bread did cook and it turned tan,
and seemed the color of rattan,
and the cheese did melt in a manner slow,
and made a food that seemed to glow,
that was served on a plate colored cyan,
the butter melted.