Poem with an explanation: hidden away

Four years passed
purposefully hidden


The sight
not using it

    with darkness filling.

passing by

    the vault.



This poem is about coping with death.  In the poem, a person in a family has died.  The family, after the death, kept the person’s room just as it was when they were alive.  They have kept the room closed and do not open it.

In the poem, the person has been dead for four years (Four years passed).  During that time, the person’s family has kept the person’s room closed (hidden away).  This was done with intention (purposefully).

The family had a fear, that if they looked at the room, that it would somehow change.  This change was perceived to mean that something of the person would be lost.  There was the idea that if they looked at the room (The sight), that it would somehow use the sight of the room up and that the memory of the person would be lost (with darkness filling).

This idea is almost like the notion that taking something fragile out of a protected case causes it to deteriorate some.  It can only be looked at so many times before it is gone.

Another analogy might be the idea that smelling a scent somehow uses up the scent.  The thing can only be smelled so many times before the scent of it will be gone.

In the poem, the family sometimes has times when they pass the room (Today passing by) which is sealed like a vault (the vault).

When they pass by, they have the overwhelming sense that the room needs to stay the way it is (Stay).  Again is the idea, that if the room changes, the person will be lost.

In terms of form, this poem used the Experimental Poetry Form: Twenty Words.

A note and something about Shadow

Yesterday on the blog, there was supposed to be a post about a published artwork.  Under the circumstances, however, it was not there.  In between the dashed lines is what the body of yesterday’s post was to have said.


This past Friday, M. Sakran had an artwork published by former People.  The artwork can be seen here: artwork.  As it relates to this blog, this artwork can inspire poetry.


With Shadow’s death, it seems that there should be some focus on him on the blog.  The exact way that will happen hasn’t been decided exactly.  For now, here is a poem:

He had a life,
he was a good dog,

there’s a list of things,
more than a hundred long,
that could be said,

nothing here,
will be sufficient for him though,

there’s no way to say,
what should be said.

Shadow is loved,
and is missed.