Poem: the defenders

there’s a tale
a legend
of when the dragon came

if flew
and roared
and toward the village it came

and the villagers
unable to see
from the shadow it cast
hid within their homes
in hopes the village wall
would protect them

and there
on the wall
the defenders stood

they stood

no swords
no shields
no armor

they stood

they never thought
that this would be their lot
that they would fight
such a foe

some never thought
that they would fight
at all

they were people
like those in their homes
no special strength
no special size

but when the call came
they climbed the ladders
and they stood

on the wall
no swords
no shields
no armor
as the dragon swooped
and fire grew
within its belly

they stood

as fire rained
and claws swiped
and the dragon roared
and darkness came
they remained on the wall


this tale
it has and end
but not one
that you would at first believe

with no swords
or shields
or armor
not even thinking
they would in that place
the defenders fought the dragon

and well
you see the hill there
that one there
the one the size
and shape
of a dragon
well …

Poetry essay: writing poetry in isolation

Today’s poetry essay is about writing poetry in isolation.  This differs from writing poetry about isolation, which was the poetry topic idea from March 27.

Writing poetry in isolation can be difficult.  Things that would have inspired poetry ideas like going out, meeting people, dating, traveling, working, talking, and so forth aren’t there.  It can be difficult to write about what is happening when little is happening in a personal sense.

Despite this though, writing poetry in isolation can be helpful.  It can help a poet express what they are feeling and what they are going through.  It can help people who read a poet’s words by giving them something that expresses how they feel.  It can give the poet something to look back on when things get better.

When writing poetry in isolation, it can be difficult to find ideas.  Although a poet might want to write about their situation, they might not want all of their poetry to focus on it.  Even in situations where they wanted their poetry to focus on their isolation, they might want to express different views and ideas about it.

Writing poetry in isolation might be a bit like trying to explain something without speaking.  How do you get across what something feels like when the experience is drawn out and there isn’t interaction?  How does one day differ from another?  How do you express things like worrying about food or being afraid when you get the mail in a way that gets the idea across without saying too much or sounding as if you were trying to be dramatic?

One helpful thing might be for a poet to read what others write about periods of isolation.  There are many examples of isolation a person might experience.  These could include prison, being lost, being shipped wrecked, being unable to leave a home because of something such as a physical handicap, and being ill and not being able to leave a hospital.  A poet could seek out work on things like this and see how the isolation was related and see how they could relate their own isolation.

Writing poetry in isolation isn’t easy.  The days can blend and there aren’t the normal inspirations a poet might have.  Still, writing poetry in isolation is important.  Somehow, expressing isolation, can make it feel less so.

If you write poetry and you are having a difficult time writing poetry during this time, there are some resources on this blog you can use.  There are the poetry topic ideas, artwork to inspire poetry, photography to inspire poetry, and experimental poetry forms.  These things can give you ideas and ways to express them.  You can use them to relate what you feel about isolation or to take your mind off it.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Produce


Above is an artwork titled produce.  It consists of a potato, a kiwi, a tomato, a zucchini, three apples, a pear, a mushroom, a bell pepper, and a squash.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

the grocery deliver person came
the door was closed until they left
everything was washed outside
then washed inside again
such is
how things are