Poetry topic idea: crying

Today’s poetry topic idea is crying.  The idea of crying can be worked into poetry in many different ways.  A poet could write about:

  • Crying from sadness. This is the most obvious idea.  A poet could examine any number of sad situations and the crying that happens with them.

  • Crying from happiness. This is somewhat of the opposite of the idea above.  A poet could examine the idea of overwhelming emotion.

  • Crying from pain. The idea here would be to examine crying that has a physical cause as opposed to an emotional one.

  • Crying from laughter. Sometimes people laugh so hard they cry.  This idea could be examined.

  • Crying from fear. Sometimes people cry when they are scared of something.  A poet could examine this idea.

  • Crying from something in the eyes. The idea would be to examine the idea of tears flowing without emotion or necessarily pain (but maybe discomfort).

  • Someone else crying. The above ideas might be applied to the poet.  A poet might think of themselves crying from one of the causes.  With this idea, a poet would write about observing someone else crying.  They could look at the emotion felt seeing someone else experience emotion, pain, or discomfort.

Here is a poem using the idea of crying:


after the doctor spoke


Bilingual Poem: glad it was raining

Walking home from school,
she was glad it was raining,

her mom wouldn’t see her tears.


Caminando a la casa de escuela,
ella estuvo contenta lo estuvo lloviendo,

su madre no vería su lágrimas.