Poetry topic idea: new

Today’s poetry topic idea is new.  A poet could write about the idea of new in different ways.

One way a poet could write about something new is to write about something that did not exist before.  This could be something like a new invention.

The idea of new could also refer to something that was not known before but existed.  This could be something like the discovery of a new species.

New could also refer to the idea of next.  This could be something like a new job.

New could also refer to the idea of different.  This could be something like driving a new way to a place.

The idea of new could stand alone (like with a new species) or it could relate to something previous (like a new job).

Here is an example poem using the idea of new:

the light of dawn
shines through the window
the day begins

Experimental Poetry Form: minimalistic flower

Today’s experimental poetry form is called minimalistic flower.  It based off of layout on the page.  It is based off of the artwork in the blog post Artwork to inspire poetry: Minimalistic Flower.  Here is what it looks like:

                       *****         *******
                     *     *        *        * 
                      *     *   * * *           *
                    *     *           *        * 
                     *     *            *      *
                             *          *  *
                                   *     * *
                                       * *  * *
                                          * * * *      * *    * * *
                                                  *  *  *    * * 
                                                   * *    


The idea of the form is simple.  Each * is a letter.  After that the poet can work with the form however they want.  Here is an example poem written using the form:


                       every       sunrise
                     w     i      t      h 
                     b     e   l i e     f
                   h    o            p     e 
                    n    e            e   d
                           a           n d
                              j        o y
                                     d a  w n
                                        m o t i      v a     t e s
                                              f   a i      t h 
                                                i n    


Here on the blog it was a bit difficult to get the spacing just right and to have the top form with the *s match the bottom form with the letters. It is easier in a word processing program where things aren’t distorted and the *s can be cut and paste and then easily replaced with letters.

P. S. There will be no new blog post on the blog tomorrow Friday April 26, 2019. The next new blog post will be on Monday April 29, 2019.

Poem Series Voting Result and The First Poem of The Series

Last week on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, there was voting for topics for a poem series.  The possible topics were: The Sun, The Color Green, Coins, Carrots, and Sound.

The winning topic was, The Sun.

Starting with today’s post, and for the rest of posts through Friday, there will be one poem per day about The Sun.

Here is today’s poem:


The sky was dark and stars did shine,
and out in space the world did turn,
and as it did there was a sign,
that things would change from what they were.

Out far there was a line of earth,
that seemed to meet the sky above,
before that time there was a dearth,
of light along that far long line.

But then a light did seem to grow,
along the line that was so far,
at first it seemed to be so low,
but soon the sky did change its tone.

The sky that was so black in hue,
did change and glow with yellow light,
and then there was a change to blue,
as the sun rose up in the dawn.