Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: Poetry topic idea: deadly beauty

Today’s poetry topic idea is deadly beauty.  Dragonflies are deadly – they eat other insects (among possibly other things).  Dragonflies are also beautiful – they have bright colors.  This idea of something being deadly, but looking beautiful, is the poetry topic idea for today.

A poet writing about deadly beauty, could decide to write about various forms of temptation.  They could write about anything that seems to be nice and look good, but in fact has negative consequences.  For example, a poet could write about someone with an alcohol problem, seeing a brightly colored bottle of wine.

Another idea, might be to write about things in nature, that look beautiful, but are poisonous.  Various brightly colored berries would fit this idea.

A poet might also write about the cliché of the attractive person who is a murderer.  A poet might choose this idea and have a poem that reads like a story.

As a last idea, a poet might twist the idea a bit, and instead of having the beautiful thing being deadly to something else, the beautiful thing, might be deadly to itself.  For example, a poet could write about a brightly colored animal that is spotted by a predator.