Shadow and Unter

On Friday July 17, 2020 M. Sakran’s dog Unter died.  He was more than thirteen years old and was a very good dog.  He is loved and missed.

Above is a picture of him (on the right) with his friend Shadow.  It was taken some years ago.

As mentioned before, the last new blog post on this blog will be on August 20, 2020.  The posts until that day will be related to Unter the dog as a commemoration of him.

Here is a short poem:

goodbye Unter
you were a very good dog
the porch seems empty now

Shadow: four-year anniversary

Today is the four-year anniversary of the death of the dog Shadow.  You can read posts from a commemoration of Shadow on this blog.

Shadow was a very good dog.  He was cute, smart, brave, fun, and always happy.  Here is a picture of him:



Since many readers may be home now, it would be good time to pay some extra attention to your dogs.  Clean their food and water bowls.  Clean their mats.  Order them a new toy.  Give them some nice food.  Groom them.  Play with them.  Spend time with them.

Dogs are generally nice and some are very nice, and they deserve an extra bit of attention.

In commemoration of the anniversary of Shadow’s death, here is a poem:

Your face
is right there
on the computer screen.

A smile
bright eyes
always happy.

It’s been four years.

It doesn’t feel like that long.

You had a nice life.
A good life.
One a dog would want.

You had a friend
and people
and care.

You were a good dog.

There are so many stories.

Things you did.

How you were.

It’s been four years.

It doesn’t feel like that long.

Poetry topic idea: physics

Today’s poetry topic idea is physics.  In writing about physics a poet could write about a number of things.  A poet could write about:

  • Forces such as gravity and magnetism. A poet could explore them, ideas about how they work, and the idea that they are unseen.

  • Fundamental particles. A poet could look at protons, neutrons, and electrons, as well as smaller particles.

  • Physics equations. An example might be something like force = mass * acceleration2.  A poet could examine the equation and apply it to other things.

  • Big physics ideas. This could be things like the expanding universe or time travel.

Here is an example poem using the idea of physics:

It is said
that two objects
cannot occupy
the same place
at the same time.

If the time is the same,
the place must be different.

If the place is the same,
the time must be different.

what of nonphysical things?

Could a person,
have two thoughts,
at the same time?

Two emotions?

Two fears?

Two hopes?

Can these things
be in the same place
at the same time?

There once was a man
who stood by a grave
as a small child
laid flowers
and said,
“Now go to sleep.”


All in the same place
at the same time.

a learned person
would say
that this would not
go against the rule,
that all the different things
are really one thing
at one time
or different things
at different times
and that in some sense
the places vary

And yet,
to the man,
by the grave,
this is all in the same place
at the same time.

Poem with an explanation: of thinking of the future

There was the earth
and the wood
and words
and tears

and standing there,
there was a moment
of thinking of
the future.


This poem is about death, mourning, and being alone.  In the poem, a person’s pet has died.  In the process of mourning the person buries their pet (There was the earth), they put a marker at the grave (and the wood), they say some words over their pet’s grave (and words) and they feel sad and cry (and tears).  As this happens (and standing there), the person has a moment of realization (there was a moment).  They wonder who will take care of them and feel sadness for them when they die (of thinking of the future).  The person in the poem is alone and they don’t have anyone like their pet had.

Poetry topic idea: paper

Today’s poetry topic idea is paper.  When writing about paper, a poet could write about things like: letters, origami, writing, drawing, paper airplanes, notes, lists, tearing paper, forms, books, wallpaper, toilet paper, and newspapers.

Here is an example poem using the idea of paper:

an old western
where a man scribbled a will
leaving his saddle and gear
to the man who found him
before he died
because there was
no one else

Post Series: Advent: A photograph to inspire poetry: Rose hip

This is the last post of the Advent Post Series.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and the next day is Christmas.  There will not be a new post on either of those days.  The next new post will be on Thursday December 26, 2019.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

In this post series there have been five poems, five poetry topic ideas, five poems with explanations, four artworks to inspire poetry, three bilingual poems, one experimental poetry form, and one poetry essay.

As there has not been a photograph to inspire poetry, that is the subject of today’s post.

Rose hip

The photograph above is of a rose hip.  It can be tied to Advent in the sense that it isn’t what is normally noticed about a rose plant.

When people look at a rose plant, they will typically look at the flowers.  It is the important part of the plant visually.  It is what people think of when they think of roses.

The rose hip though is important because it carries the seeds of the plant.  It is actually more important in some sense than the flowers themselves.

When Jesus was born on Christmas Day, he wasn’t necessarily seen as important by those in the world.  Some people (the magi and the shepherds) took notice of him, but others did not at least in a positive way.  In some sense, the world overlooked him.  Part of this notion is in the idea that Mary and Joseph could not find a place to stay.

Although Jesus was overlooked, he is obviously very important.  He was more important than the more visually important looking people (like the rich and noble) in Bethlehem and the surrounding area.

This notion, of overlooking what is important can be used in poetry.  It can be applied to many different things.

Here is an example poem using the idea:

the girl was ill
and her father sent
the small boy
to the woods

“collect the leaves
of the small round bush
and bring them back
to make her well”

the boy walked out
into the woods
and found the bush
of which is father spoke

upon the plant
the leaves were dull
a muted green
the blended away

the berries though
were bright and shined
they glistened in the sun
and seemed to call out

the boy did think
his father had been wrong
a mistake was made
maybe in his worry

the boy with a smile
filled his bag
with berries that shined
in the sun

he brought them back
so filled with joy
thinking he had
understood more

he poured the berries
into the bowl
and held them out
for his father to see

“what are these
that you brought here
it was the leaves
you were to get”

“the leaves were dull
the berries did shine
you were surely wrong
these can heal”

“no poor son
though the berries
shine in the sun
they do not heal

the leaves though dull
have what’s inside
to heal your sister
from what ails

go back son
and hurry now
collect the leaves
before time runs short”

the boy ran back
into the woods
and found the plant
with the dull leaves

he picked them off
and filled his bag
and brought them back
to his small house

with tears in his eyes
his father spoke
“it’s too late son
your sister’s gone”

the son fell down
upon the ground
as the leaves did fall
onto the dirt

he grabbed the berries
and threw them out
and ran away
into the woods

before the plant
his tears did fall
and he wished he had
believed the truth

Poetry topic idea: the death of a pet

Today’s poetry topic idea is the death of a pet.  After M. Sakran’s dog Shadow died, there was a commemoration on this blog.

When a pet dies, writing poetry about it can sometimes help.  It can be a way to deal with emotions and express things.  It can give a person something to do related to the death that feels like active mourning.

When a poet writes about the death of a pet, there are number of things they can write about.  A poet can write about:

  • The sadness they feel.

  • How the pet died.

  • Memories of the pet.

  • What the pet was like when it was alive.

  • What their life is like now that the pet is gone.

  • How they mourn for the pet.

  • How other people perceive their mourning for the pet.

  • How they feel more generally after the death of the pet.

  • How they are memorializing the pet.

Here is an example poem:

the calculator says,
it’s been three years,
six months,
two weeks,
and three days since you died.

it doesn’t feel like that long.
It feels like it was a month ago.

Your photo,
is still on the computer.

The little resin dog,
painted to look like you,
is there on the shelf.

your friend is squeaking now.
He probably wants a treat.
Hold on just a minute.

he got some treats.

although you are thought of,
it isn’t enough.

It seems,
like something more should be done,
like somehow,
it affects you.

At least,
there is this.

This is something.

You are missed,
you funny little dog.

Shadow: three year anniversary


Today is the three year anniversary of the death of M. Sakran’s dog Shadow.  Shadow was a good dog.  He was very cute and playful and was smart.  There was a commemoration on this blog after he died.

To mark the anniversary, here is a poem:

three years
is a long time
but in some way
it doesn’t feel that long ago

there’s a list of memories
that could fill too much here
but some things sadly
have faded away

your photograph
is there each day
but what did you sound like
when you barked?

your friend misses you
your friends miss you
you were a good dog
a very good dog

the backyard still feels empty

thanks for being here Shadow