Poem with an explanation: the mirror of many years ago

looking into the mirror
of many years ago
and wishing to speak
so the words would be different


This poem is about the idea of a person talking to their past self.  It is based off of the thought that people sometimes have where they wonder what they would tell their past self so that their current life would be different than it is.

In the poem, the person is looking at a photograph of themselves.  The photograph is “the mirror of many years ago” in the poem.  When a person looks at a photograph of themselves, it is like they are looking into a mirror, except the image is from the past.

As the person looks at themselves, they wish they could give their past self advice (and wishing to speak).  They want to give their past self advice so that their current situation would be different.  In other words, they would tell their past self to make different decisions than they themselves actually did.

If the person were able to do this, and their past self took the advice, then they would be currently living a different life.  If that were so, the words they would say to their past self when they look at their photograph would be different than the words that they said at this time (so the words would be different).  They wouldn’t be giving their past self advice, at least they hope, rather they would be telling their past self that they made the right decisions.

This poem is about looking back on the past and wishing it were somehow different.

Poem Series: Time

It has been a while since there has been a poem series on this blog.  The last one appears to be the poem series: Dogs, which started on January 27, 2016 and ended February 9, 2016.  You can read the poems in that series, as well as in the ones before it, here: poem series.

Today will be the start of a new poem series.  The subject of the poem series will be time.

The series will consist of ten poems.  The poems will be posted in the next nine posts plus this post (for a total of ten), unless some event occurs to supersede the series, in which case the series will continue after the superseding.

Please enjoy the Time poem series.

Here is the first poem:

Looking back,
there’s the thought,
of all the different decisions,
that would be made.

Looking forward,
there’s the thought,
that one day,
will there be looking back,
with the thought,
of all the different decisions,
that would be made?

But in the present,
looking forward,
it’s hard to know,
what looking back,
will see.