Poetry topic idea: dieting

Today’s poetry topic idea is dieting.  A poet could write about:

  • Different types of diets.

  • What it’s like to be on a diet.

  • Hunger during a diet.

  • Food cravings during a diet.

  • Different meals during a diet.

  • Reasons for dieting.

  • Breaking a diet.

  • Health during a diet.


Here’s a poem using the idea of dieting:

Five days,
whole grains,
and water –

gained two pounds.

Artwork to inspire poetry: cicada shell

cicada shell

Above is an artwork of a cicada shell.  It can inspire poetry.

A cicada shell shows what is left behind after a transition.  This idea can be applied to many situations for poetry.

For example, a poet could write about a toy a child stops playing with after they get older.  Another example might be a car a person trades in after they have children.  There are other examples as well.

The basic idea could be to write about something a person leaves behind as they transition from one state in life to another.  This notion could be viewed from different perspectives depending on the idea the poet wanted to get across.

Here is an example poem:

walking past
the vending machine

day one of the diet