Poetry topic idea: distraction

Today’s poetry topic idea is distraction.  There are different ways the idea could be worked into poetry.

A poet could write about being distracted.  They could write about trying to do one thing while other things compete for their attention.  The other things could be external, like another person in the room wanting something, or internal, in that the person is distracted because they are thinking about something.

A poet could write about one person distracting another person.  One person might distract another for various reasons.  Maybe someone is trying to steal from someone else, and so they distract them so they can do so.  Maybe a person is trying to get someone not to see something, like the mess in another room, and so they distract them so they won’t notice it.  There are other ideas.

As another idea, a poet could try to write a poem in a situation in which they are distracted.  For example, a poet who has trouble focusing when there is noise around, could try to write a poem in a noisy place.  The idea would be to see what result there is.

Poem with an explanation: Don’t look, just listen, time will pass

Don’t look at the sand,
don’t look at the stone,
don’t look at the fire.

Just listen to bells,
just listen to flutes,
just listen to melodies.

Time will pass,
as eyes are closed.


This poem is about walking on a treadmill.  The idea of the poem is about not doing things and doing things to help the time go by faster.

The first stanza, has three don’ts.  It says not to look at the sand, the stone and the fire.  On the treadmill, there is a display.  It shows the time, distance and calories burned.  The idea is that if a person looks at these things as they try to reach some goal, that the time will feel slower.  Focusing on the numbers as they change has the psychological effect of making them seem to move slower.  The first stanza says not to look at them.  The sand, is symbolic of sand in an hour glass, which is representative of time.  Stone is symbolic of a road which represents distance.  Fire refers to burning which represents the calories burned.

The first stanza said what not to do.  The second stanza says what to do.  It is saying to listen to music as a form of distraction.  The first stanza was more symbolic than the second.

The last stanza describes the effect of the actions of the first two stanzas.  It is basically saying that by not looking at the display, and listening to music instead, that a person will be distracted, and their mind may wander.  When the person’s mind wanders, they may not see in a sense.  This can happen when a person daydreams.  The end effect is that the time exercising feels faster.

This poem is written as three stanzas and three sentences.  The first two stanzas are filled with repetition.  The first one repeats “Don’t look at the” and the second one repeats “Just listen to”.


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