A photograph to inspire poetry: green grasshopper

green grasshopper

Above is a photograph of a green grasshopper.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • The designation of a beginner as a “grasshopper”. This idea, for example, is applied to martial arts, where a teacher might refer to a student as “grasshopper”.  It implies the student is a novice.

  • Standing out. This green grasshopper stands out against the white wall.  The idea of standing out could be applied to a number of circumstances.

  • The color green. Being green can imply a person is either envious or ill.  This idea could be used in poetry.  Similarly, the color green is the color of some types of money.  This idea could also be used in poetry.

  • Naming. A grasshopper is named a “grasshopper” because it hops in the grass.  This idea of naming something from what it does could be applied to poetry.  An example idea might be last names that imply professions (e.g. Baker, Carpenter, or Smith).  This notion could be used in poetry.

Here is an example poem inspired by the photograph:

well done grasshopper
but there is further to climb
freshman year is done

Poem: and she said no

they taught the world
as the wind did blow
but then she stood
and she said no
she knew the words
of long ago
and spoke the truth
that she did know

they said that she
did not speak right
that she spoke words
of dark and night
they said that she
should change her sight
and see the world
in its own light

but she said no
she knew the way
she would not think
as they did say
despite their words
and come what may
in her belief
she’d always stay

they said that she
did speak a lie
that she was wrong
and they knew why
they held their signs
as they did cry,
“you are so wrong,
and we know why”

she left the place
and walked alone
their words did hit
like stick and stone
and as she left
she heard the tone
of that one word
they did condone

but in the light
she felt a sound
it came near her
and moved around
it cut the ties
and all that bound
and she did know
what she had found

Experimental Poetry Form: small plane

Today’s experimental poetry form is called small plane.  It based off of layout on the page.  It is meant to generally resemble a small plane from the top.  It looks as follows:

    ***                    ****
    ***                    ****

A poem written in the form is read from top to bottom and from left to right.

Here is an example poem written in the form:

    day              when
 words of action mean
 more than high ideas
 those in robes will go
    and              find