Poem with an explanation: the sky was clear

the sky is clear
a breeze does blow
and all is calm
in the sunshine

one leaf does fall
one with three sides
and rain does fall
as skies grow dark

the lightning strikes
as clouds do form
the hail does fall
as trees do sway

the sky was clear

the sky was clear


This poem is about a bad memory.  In the poem a person is having a nice day.  They feel good.  This is symbolized by the weather in the first stanza.

Then one small thing happens to bring back the bad memory.  In the poem it is one three sided leaf falling.  The idea here is that particular things, that might seem trivial and unrelated to a memory, can bring back a memory.

When this happens the person feels bad.  The feelings of the memory come back.  The rain falls, the sky grows dark, lighting strikes, clouds form, hail falls, and trees sway.  The person has nowhere to run from the storm.  They have nowhere to escape the memory or the feelings associated with it.

After this occurs the person realizes that just a moment before things were good.  The sky was clear.  They realize how quickly their feelings can change with just one event.

The idea of the poem is to reflect on the idea that bad memories can linger, sometimes for years, and little things can bring them back.  When they come back, the feelings associated with them can also return.


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Poem with an explanation: the weight of sand

Looking in the sand,
and seeing,
the imaginary reality,
for all the suns,
and all the moons.

Standing there,
silently speaking,
reflecting on sand,
and wondering.

In the corner,
a tally is made,
in the thoughts,
an inverse of worth.

The equation is simple,
so the figures say,
reduce x,
increase y,
reduce z.
Adding the numbers,
the answer doesn’t match.

In the cave,
thinking of sand,
and wondering if,
someone else,
will ever be there.


This poem is about a person struggling with their weight.  It is about the negative feelings a person can have as they have this struggle.  It is about the emotions a person can go through as they stand in the bathroom, look at themselves in the mirror, and weigh themselves on a scale.

At the start of the poem, the person looks in the mirror (Looking in the sand), and sees their reflection (and seeing).  The image they see is real, in the sense that it is what they really look like, but it is also distorted by their perception of themselves (the imaginary reality).  They have stood in front of the mirror on a regular basis for years (for all the suns, and all the moons) and looked at themselves like this.

The person stands in front of the mirror (Standing there), and they talk to themselves aloud.  They see their reflection speaking even though it isn’t making a sound (silently speaking).  They talk about how long they have been overweight (reflecting on sand – sand representing time and their image in the mirror), and they wonder if they will ever be able to change how they are (and wondering).

The person is in a bathroom.  In the corner (In the corner), there is a scale.  The person weighs themselves (a tally is made) and the person feels that the higher their weight the less their worth (in the thoughts, and inverse of worth).

As the person steps off of the scale, they think of the often repeated advice (The equation is simple, so the figures say): eat less (reduce x), move more (increase y), and weight will go down (reduce z).  The person thinks of their reality where they have done this (Adding the numbers), and thinks about how it hasn’t worked for them (the answer doesn’t match).

The person stands against their bathroom door (In the cave), and they think of time and how their reflection looks in the mirror (thinking of sand), and they wonder if (and wondering if) they will ever change how they are (someone else, will ever be there).


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