Unter Commemoration August 18, 2020

there are only so many words
to paint the picture
it never seems complete


This poem is about trying to describe Unter.

It can be hard to describe a dog.  How many ways can a dog be described as friendly or cute or happy?  How many ways can a bark be described or the way he sat or how he moved?  Somehow the words can seem incomplete and repetitive.  They don’t get across how he was.  They don’t get across what he meant to people.  Somehow the words leave the picture incomplete.

Unter Commemoration July 30, 2020

while something could be said
of empty trees
in silence without birds
it seems better
to remember
the songs that were sung


This poem is about Unter and thinking about him.  It is in some way a poem about writing a poem.

In the first part, the idea of writing a poem about sadness is expressed.  The first part says:

while something could be said
of empty trees
in silence without birds

This part expresses the idea of the emptiness of having lost a friend.  It expresses the idea of expressing this notion with a metaphor.

The second part though tries to look back at memories.  It says

it seems better
to remember
the songs that were sung

The idea is that while something could be written about the loss of a friend and the emptiness that results, it seems better to write about the memory of the friend and the happiness of knowing them.  This poem expresses the idea of expressing these ideas.

The idea contained in the poem is that it might be better to think of the happy times with Unter rather than the sadness that he is gone.

Poem with an explanation: 3 slices of bread

3 slices of bread
eyes close

steak with seasoning forming a crust
potatoes fried and crispy
peas and carrots with butter
apple pie


In this poem a person is hungry and poor.  All they have to eat is three slices of bread.  In their condition, they close their eyes and imagine the bread to be a dinner of steak, potatoes, peas and carrots, apple pie, and coffee.  The poem generally is about a person in a current condition imagining themselves in a better condition.

Poem with an explanation: the plant wilted

the plant wilted
in the morning sun
searching for a cool breeze

This poem metaphorically describes a situation.  In the poem a person is outside working.  The person is represented by the plant.  The day is hot though and the person is affect by the heat even in the morning.  This is represented by the plant wilting.  The level of heat is referenced by the idea that the morning (rather than hotter afternoon) sun caused the effect.  The person then wants there to be a cool breeze for relief.  This is referenced by the idea of searching in the poem.  This idea also references the idea that person decides to go inside where there is air conditioning to get away from the heat.

This poem also has the idea that its meaning for a reader could change depending on how it is read (apart from the explanation above).  A reader could read the poem and think that the plant wilted and so went searching for a cool breeze, or they could read the poem and think the plant wilted while searching for a cool breeze.  These two situations are different and could impart different ideas.

Poem with an explanation: under the red sky

under the red sky
upon the sand
the waves stopped crashing
but for a moment

In this poem, a person was sleeping on a sofa.  The person was covered with a red blanket (under the red sky) and was sleeping on a brown sofa (upon the sand).  The person had a stressful day, but in their sleep they found peace (the waves stopped crashing).  The peace lasted while the person slept (but for a moment).

Poem with an explanation: soup

legs and thighs
nine pieces
turned to eighteen


frozen mixed vegetables

for a week

doing the math
figuring the dollars per day
doing the math
hoping it lasts


In this poem a person has little money and little income.  They are planning how they will eat.  They are planning to make chicken soup with rice and vegetables and have that for every meal.

The person buys chicken.  The cheapest per pound they found was a large bag of legs and thighs.  It contained nine pieces of legs and thighs together that they cut into eighteen pieces.

The person uses the chicken to make soup.  Their soup has chicken, water, rice, mixed vegetables that they bought frozen, and salt.  With what they bought, they figure that it will feed them for a week.

The person then tries to plan out the month.  They do some math and figure out how much the food cost them and how much it would cost them per day.  They do more math and hope their money lasts them for the month.

In the poem the person has little money.  To deal with this they eat the same thing for every meal and make their food in large quantities.  The person though still wanted food they thought met a minimum standard for themselves.

Poem with an explanation: standing outside

standing outside
checking the time again
waiting two more minutes
and then a call
there’s probably a reason


In this poem, a person thinks they may have been stood up for a date.

The person in the poem is standing outside the place where the date is to take place (standing outside).  Their date is late and they have checked the time multiple times while they have waited (checking the time again).  They set a threshold time to wait for before calling to see why their date isn’t there.  That time is two minutes away (waiting two more minutes).  They want to believe their date is not there for a reason other than they have been stood up (there’s probably a reason).


P. S. This blog post is the one thousand five hundred and sixty second blog post on the blog. As was noted in the post for the six year anniversary for the blog, the blog will be ending soon.

A decision has been made that the last new blog post on the blog will be number one thousand six hundred.  That means that there are thirty eight new blog posts to post.  Although it may change, the last new blog post should be posted on August 20, 2020.  Thank you to everyone who has read something on the blog.

Poem with an explanation: walking nowhere

walking miles
but getting nowhere


This poem is specifically about a person trying to lose weight by walking on a treadmill.  Over time, the person walks many miles but loses no weight.  The “getting nowhere” part refers to the person not achieving what they desired, but also to the idea that they are in the same place while walking on the machine.  The idea was to use the phrase symbolically and literally.

More generally, the poem is about effort without result and could be symbolic of many experiences.

Poem with an explanation: what’s the hurry?

walking outside
with someone
what’s the hurry?

In this poem, two people are walking outside.  They are walking quickly until one realizes that they have nowhere in particular to be.  They are walking simply for the sake of walking and have no destination other than to return to the place that they started from.  They have nothing in particular to do at that place, and so when they arrive is inconsequential.  When one of them realizes this they question why they are walking so fast.  The poem reflects on the idea of appreciating the moment rather than focusing on the next one.