Artwork to inspire poetry: Eye


The above artwork is of an eye.  It can inspire poetry.  Below are some ideas.  A poet could write about:

  • A person seeing something. It could be something good, like a momentous event, or something bad, like a crime.

  • Blindness.

  • The idea of someone seeing the poet. They could write what the observer sees and feels.  They could write about the impression the person has.

  • Beauty (as in something that is subjective depending on the observer).

  • Tiredness and eyes closing.

  • The idea of looking into someone’s eyes. They could write about contemplation or about directness.

Post Series: Artworks to inspire poetry: Dog Related: Orange eye

Dog's Eye

Today is the start of new post series on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  This series will be a series of artworks to inspire poetry related to dogs.

Each of the posts will have a dog related artwork, a poem inspired by it, and a mention of how the artwork was made.  Each of the artworks will not only be of something different, but each will also be done in a different way.  For example, today’s artwork was done using colored pencils followed by some computer alteration.  (Most of the artworks will most likely involve some computer alteration, however, the preceding work will be different for each artwork.)

The series will consist of ten posts, including this one, and should run from today, through April 1.  If something comes up, it may supersede the series, in which case, the series will continue after the superseding.  Please enjoy the series.

Here is a poem inspired by the artwork above:

Looking up,
with an orange glow,
the wildflower,