Artwork to inspire poetry: faded iris

faded iris

Above is an artwork of a faded iris.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could be inspired to write about:

  • Life fading. The iris is fading and a poet could relate this to a person who is dying.

  • Rebirth. After the flower fades, there will be seeds (although an iris might more normally be grown from bulbs).  These seeds could be new plants.  This idea could be translated to rebirth and applied to other situations.

  • Time. A flower fading shows the progression of time.  A poet could apply this idea to other things.  An example might be a building that deteriorates over time.

  • Tired. A flower fading could be related to the idea of being tired or spent.  A poet could apply this idea to other situations.

  • Losing vision. An iris, in addition to being a flower, is also a word that describes a part of the eye.  A poet could write about someone losing their vision.

Here is a poem inspired by the artwork:

her breathing slowed

Artwork to inspire poetry: Faded Tombstone

Faded Tombstone

This is an artwork of a tombstone.  The writing on it is drawn in such a way as to appear faded.  The drawing itself, also has that appearance.

This artwork can inspire poetry in a number of ways.  One idea would be to write a poem about whoever is in the grave.  A poet could examine various issues in the poem.  A poet could also more generally focus on ideas such as time passing, neglect, and deterioration in a poem they could write.