Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: Poem: The dragon flies and the dragonflies

The dragon flies,
above in clouds,
that shimmer in the purple light.

The wings do glow,
as lightning strikes,
and they do beat with strengthened might.

And there the eyes,
look up in fear,
as hearts do race at just the sight.

And in the dread,
of what will be,
the forms below run from their plight.

But there the wings,
a thousand count,
do rise above to a great height.

And with one form,
the dragonflies,
move all as one and start to fight.

The flame bursts out,
and burns the sky,
as heat and light do fill the night.

But there they move,
with one great force,
and form a lance as of a knight.

And with the blow,
the dragon falls,
and hits the earth and turns dead white.

And then they fly,
as cheers are heard,
on to the left and to the right.

Announcement: Vintrig’s Kingdom by Freya Pickard

Freya Pickard has written a new novel: Vintrig’s Kingdom.

As readers of this blog will know, Freya wrote the foreword to M. Sakran’s collection of poems with explanations: Understanding: poems with explanations.  Readers should also know, that Freya runs Pure Haiku, where M. Sakran has had six poems published.

Vintrig’s Kingdom will officially be launched soon.  Readers can purchase it here, Vintrig’s Kingdom (UK) and here, Vintrig’s Kingdom (US).

Here’s what Vintrig’s Kingdom is about (this part is written by Freya and Copyright Freya Pickard 2016):

When Isu Magan, heir to Vintrig’s Throne, finds the journal of a vanished Scriber, her perceptions of history and the truth are challenged. A growing distrust of her loyal and powerful Counsellor initiates rebellious and frightening thoughts within her heart. Adding to this disruption of her ordered life, Isu finds herself attracted to the itinerant musician, Sama Conn. As the endless winter thaws, and a brief summer returns to the Castle, Isu longs to learn to dance, but fears her feelings towards Sama. Knowing she cannot love a mortal, the princess struggles with an increasing infatuation that could lose her the throne, and possibly her life.

Everyone in this tale is challenged and empowered by the arrival of Sama Conn and his travelling musicians. But Jya, the Counsellor, appears set against them and the change they bring to Vintrig’s Castle. The balance of power is threatened, and each person has to decide which party they will ally themselves with. Against this backdrop of scheming and fear, rises the question, again and again; what is the importance of Throne Peak?

Told from five viewpoints; Isu Magan, her maid, her steward, an elderly traveller and the anonymous Scriber, Vintrig’s Kingdom is a tale of romance, intrigue and dark history.

This tale is set within the mountainous, winter-bound walls of Vintrig’s Kingdom. Instead of the usual “quest”, the journey each person treads is a journey of the soul, into the innermost recesses of their fear to question the validity of the history they think they know …


In the book, each chapter is started with a haiku.  Here are two examples:

pink-edged clouds at dawn

give way to molten sunrise

glittering on frost


© Freya Pickard 2016


snowmelt refrozen

transparent scales of ice; the

lacework of winter


© Freya Pickard 2016


There are also other poems in the book that are songs.

As a note, the items in this post that are Copyright Freya Pickard 2016, were used with permission.

Blog readers can check out Freya’s new novel here: Vintrig’s Kingdom (UK), and here Vintrig’s Kingdom (US).

P.S. There will be no new blog posts on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things from November 24, 2016 – November 27, 2016 because of Thanksgiving and the weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving.