Experimental Poetry Form: thorns with a flower bud

Today on MSakran.com, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction.  The photograph and artwork are of thorns with a flower bud and the poem is a haiku.  The photograph was the inspiration for today’s experimental poetry form.

Today’s experimental poetry form is called thorns with a flower bud.  The form has five “thorns” and one “flower bud”.

The poetry form is six lines long.  Lines 1 – 4 and 6 are “thorns” and line 5 is a “flower bud”.

The thorn lines are five syllables long (same number of letters as in the word thorn) and consist of two and half trochaic feet.  With this structure, each line will end on a stressed syllable, but feel incomplete because of the half foot.  This structure symbolizes the thorn.  Additionally, in the form, none of these lines can rhyme with any other line.  This again, is symbolic of the thorn.

The flower bud line is line five.  It is written in iambic trimeter.  The line is iambic, because that may have a more natural sound than a trochaic line and also to differentiate it from the trochaic lines.  It is written in trimeter to have six syllables.  First, this is three complete feet (as opposed to the thorn lines, which each has an incomplete foot).  Second, flower has six letters and so the line has six syllables.  Third, six is one more than five, again, to have a difference from the thorn lines.

The idea of the form, is to have five lines that sound “off” and one line that sounds “right”.