Artwork to inspire poetry: rose


Above is an artwork of a rose.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

waiting all winter
for you to return
counting the moons


P. S. This is the one hundredth “singular” artwork to inspire poetry on this blog. It is the one hundredth artwork to inspire poetry that isn’t in some way part of something else, such as a post series.


Artwork to inspire poetry: Lily flower

Lily flower

Above is an artwork of a lily flower.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

something was lost
as days went by
and the scent
was forgotten

P. S. Monday is Christmas. There will be no new blog post on the blog that day. Merry Christmas.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

Above is a photograph of a flower that might be called Rose of Sharon.  It can inspire poetry.  For example, a poet might write about:

  • Some sort of occasion with yellow flowers.

  • The change of colors from the outside to the in: Yellow, Red, Yellow, Brown.

  • Something to do with the possible name of the plant.

  • A comparison between the yellow flower and the sun.


Here is an example poem inspire by the photograph:

Shadows fall,
on the yellow hills,
as fires burn,
within the valley,
and the last tree stands,

Artwork to inspire poetry: blueish flower

blueish flower

This artwork is a blueish flower.  This kind of flower has been on the blog before.  This particular artwork is an altered photograph.  A few steps were taken to turn the original photograph into the artwork here, however, they were fairly simple.

Here is a poem inspired by this artwork:

Lying in the grass,
the dog sniffed tilting its head,
she ate her first peach


P.S.  M. Sakran is currently accepting poems for consideration.  A poem sent in has an opportunity to be published on this blog.  See the Considerations page for more information.

Artwork to inspire poetry: The purple flower

The purple flower

On September 2, 2014, there was a photograph to inspire poetry called The purple flower in a blog post.  This artwork is of that flower.

This artwork could inspire poetry in different ways.  For example, a poet could write a poem where someone picks flowers.  The poem could be positive (e.g. a child picking flowers for their mother) or negative (e.g. a child picking flowers for their mother’s grave (which is negative in a sense)).  The poem could be consistent (i.e. the flower picking is what it seems) or inconsistent (i.e. the flower picking isn’t what it seems.  For example, a poet could start a poem with imagery of flowers being picked and end with a reality of a bulldozer going over a field).  The poem could focus on the flowers, or have the flowers be something that adds to a larger idea.