A photograph to inspire poetry: little multi-colored flower

little multi-colored flower

Above is a photograph of a little multi-colored flower.  It is green, yellow, red, and pink.  Although the flower might be considered a weed, it still looks very nice.

This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

all dressed up
standing by the wall
no one asks for a dance

Artwork to inspire poetry: Pen and pencil rose

Pen and pencil rose

Above is an artwork of a rose.  The original was done with pen and pencil.  The outline, part of the leaves, and the petals were in pen.  The stem, leaves, and the part where the petals connect to the stem were shaded in pencil.  This artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

lifting the puppy
outside on a bright spring day
look at the flowers

Experimental Poetry Form: minimalistic flower

Today’s experimental poetry form is called minimalistic flower.  It based off of layout on the page.  It is based off of the artwork in the blog post Artwork to inspire poetry: Minimalistic Flower.  Here is what it looks like:

                       *****         *******
                     *     *        *        * 
                      *     *   * * *           *
                    *     *           *        * 
                     *     *            *      *
                             *          *  *
                                   *     * *
                                       * *  * *
                                          * * * *      * *    * * *
                                                  *  *  *    * * 
                                                   * *    


The idea of the form is simple.  Each * is a letter.  After that the poet can work with the form however they want.  Here is an example poem written using the form:


                       every       sunrise
                     w     i      t      h 
                     b     e   l i e     f
                   h    o            p     e 
                    n    e            e   d
                           a           n d
                              j        o y
                                     d a  w n
                                        m o t i      v a     t e s
                                              f   a i      t h 
                                                i n    


Here on the blog it was a bit difficult to get the spacing just right and to have the top form with the *s match the bottom form with the letters. It is easier in a word processing program where things aren’t distorted and the *s can be cut and paste and then easily replaced with letters.

P. S. There will be no new blog post on the blog tomorrow Friday April 26, 2019. The next new blog post will be on Monday April 29, 2019.

Milestone: Five Year Anniversary

Today is the five year anniversary of the first post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.

Five years is a long time.  It feels like a long time.  Including this post, there have been 1,263 posts on this blog.  That feels like a lot of posts.

Shortly after the blog was started, there was some concern about what to post.  It seemed like there were no new ideas.  Of course, something was found.

There are many ideas to the blog.

Part of the idea of the blog is to educate readers.  That’s the purpose of the poems with explanations and the poetry essays.

Part of the idea of the blog is to give readers ideas for poetry.  That’s the purpose of the poetry topic ideas, artworks to inspire poetry, and photography to inspire poetry.

Part of the idea of the blog is to help readers write poetry.  That’s the purpose of the experimental poetry forms.

Of course, part of the idea of the blog is to give readers poems to read.  That’s the purpose of the poems and the bilingual poems.

Hopefully readers have benefited from all of this.  Hopefully some people out there have gotten something from it.

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Thank you to all readers.

Here’s a poem for the day:

the bee flies
from flower to flower
five years of journey

A photograph to inspire poetry: turnip flower buds

turnip flower buds

Above is a photograph of turnip flower buds.  This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:


the turnips sit
with salt on them
as liquid drains
for a time

into the jar
the turnips go
along with beets
for color
and sweetness

vinegar is poured
two inches up
and salt is sprinkled
just enough

water flows
and fills the jar
it sits outside
as all turns pink

into the cold
they sit and wait
two weeks pass
and all is nice

Artwork to inspire poetry: faded iris

faded iris

Above is an artwork of a faded iris.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could be inspired to write about:

  • Life fading. The iris is fading and a poet could relate this to a person who is dying.

  • Rebirth. After the flower fades, there will be seeds (although an iris might more normally be grown from bulbs).  These seeds could be new plants.  This idea could be translated to rebirth and applied to other situations.

  • Time. A flower fading shows the progression of time.  A poet could apply this idea to other things.  An example might be a building that deteriorates over time.

  • Tired. A flower fading could be related to the idea of being tired or spent.  A poet could apply this idea to other situations.

  • Losing vision. An iris, in addition to being a flower, is also a word that describes a part of the eye.  A poet could write about someone losing their vision.

Here is a poem inspired by the artwork:

her breathing slowed