A photograph to inspire poetry: two light purple and white flowers

two light purple and white flowers

Above is a photograph of two light purple and white flowers.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Pairs. These flowers form a pair and a poet could be inspired to write about other kinds of pairs.

  • Cooperation and competition. Depending on perspective, these two flowers could be seen as cooperating with each other or competing against each other.  They could be cooperating, in that because there is more color in the area than if there was only one flower, they are more likely to attract pollinators.  They could be competing in that they are competing for pollinators.  A poet could write about either of these ideas or a situation where both exist.

  • Not talking. The two flowers are not facing each other.  This could remind a poet of two people who are not talking to each other.  A poet could write a poem about this.

Below is a poem inspired by this photograph.  It uses the experimental poetry form four by four.

After bee told one,
what butterfly had said,
the other had said,
neither spoke a word.


A photograph to inspire poetry: a plant with yellow flowers

a plant with yellow flowers

Above is a photograph of a plant with yellow flowers.  The flowers are growing along a main part of the plant.  This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it.

All in a line,
with their green raincoats,
waiting for the sunshine.

A photograph to inspire poetry: purple spiny flowers

purple spiny flowers

Above is a photograph of purple spiny flowers.  It can inspire poetry.  Here are some ideas:

  • This plant is a weed, yet still looks nice. A poet could notice that, and see symbolism for a poem.

  • The flowers have what seem to be spiny petals, but they don’t look firm or sharp. This idea of something looking potential damaging, and yet possibly not being damaging, could be used in poetry.

  • A poet could write about someone receiving or giving purple flowers.

  • The look of the flowers must serve some purpose. For example, they might attract a certain kind of insect or catch pollen in the wind.  A poet could write about the structure of something having a purpose.  “Structure” could be thought of broadly and applied to many things.

A photograph to inspire poetry: cone shaped flowers

cone shaped flowers

Above is a photograph of cone shaped flowers (their name is unknown to M. Sakran).  It can inspire poetry.  For example, a poet could write about:

  • Three people, one an adult and two children.

  • The idea of going from muted to bright, as inspired by the color change of the central flower.

  • The idea of being different, inspired by the idea that these three flowers don’t have a “typical” flower shape.

  • Something to do with cones, for example ice cream cones or traffic cones.

As an example, here is a poem inspired by this photograph:

Is standing out,
something good,
or something bad?

The adages,
either way,
have been heard.

in reality,
things are not adages,
there is,
in fact,
in reality,

To stand out,
amongst the others,
is something whose effect,
is clear.

One will know,
when they find themselves,
standing in the rain,
or in the sun.

Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: Experimental Poetry Form: Dragonfly syllable stresses

Dragonfly is a three syllable word with a stress pattern of: high, low, medium.  This idea is used here to make an experimental poetry form.

The form is ten lines.  Each line has three syllables.  Those syllables follow the same stress pattern as dragonfly.  Ideally the poem should make sense as it flows.

Here is an example poem:











Artwork to inspire poetry: black and white flowers

Black and white flowers

This artwork is of black and white flowers.  Originally, it was made using multiple colored pencils.  It was then scanned and computer altered to give the affect shown.  There are some interesting ideas in this artwork that can inspire poetry.

One idea is the idea of incompleteness.  This artwork has an incomplete quality to it.  There are no colors besides black and white.  It is missing those other colors.  Also, parts of it are grainy.  They are not complete.  This idea could inspire poetry that includes this idea.  Using the idea of black and white flowers a poet could, for example, write a poem that shows incomplete scenes of a funeral.  Giving only so much information, could add to the effect.

Another idea is the idea of being black and white.  Only two contrasting colors are shown.  There is a certain minimalism to it.  This idea could transfer to poetry.  A poet could take something complex, but only focus on two contrasting ideas about it, while leaving other details out.  For example, a poet could write about a baby being born.  They could focus on the two contrasting ideas of before and after birth.  The poem could look at those ideas singularly.  It could view them in a minimal way.

A third idea, is obviously the idea of flowers.  There are many poem ideas that can come from flowers.

A fourth idea is the idea that these flowers are weeds.  They are not cultivated flowers.  This is possibly different from other artworks of flowers.  This idea of focusing on something that is considered by some to be less or bad could be used in poetry.