Poem Series: Experimental Poetry Forms: Flows and Stops: Beside his car

He stood beside his car and took a step,


He carried in his hand,

           something small that felt so weightless,

                      and he felt empty inside just like his,

gas can.


(2/40) Experimental Poetry Form: Flows and Stops

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Poem with an explanation: a star

Outside by a warm fire and seeing,

           a star.

Alone in the pale sky,

           it appears to be by itself,

                      until three stars in a row above show,

that belt.


This poem uses the experimental poetry from Flows and Stops.  That form was the second experimental poetry form to be described on this blog and can be seen here: Flows and Stops.

The poem is about seeing one star in the sky as dusk starts and thinking that it looks alone.  Later, when three stars above it in a row are seen, the realization happens that the stars are part of the constellation Orion.  The three stars are referred to as “that belt” in the poem because of the familiarity they bring to the viewer in the poem.