Poem with an explanation: flying through the walk

sparrows fly each day
ten hours across the field
turtles look and walk


This poem is about ease and difficulty.

For some people, certain things are very easy.  They do them effortlessly.  For other people, those same certain things are hard.  With great difficulty they accomplish their goal.

In this poem, the sparrows do something easily.  The sparrows fly.  This is nothing to them and they do it each day.

The turtles though find traveling hard.  It takes them ten hours to cross a field.  This is contrasted with the speed and ease of the sparrows’ travel.  The turtles notice this and continue.  They accept their situation although it weighs upon them.

The idea of the poem is to show a human feeling with animals.  This situation can often come up in life.  A person can struggle to do something, and then see someone else do it effortlessly.  Seeing this, the person feels worse about their situation.  They feel their lack of ability is amplified.

This poem is a 5-7-5 haiku.  The second two lines go together.

Poem: Flying through the dream

You had a dream,
and in the dream,
you could fly,
but not like a superhero,
something about it,
didn’t work.

It was like swimming,
but in the air.
You could fly,
but with effort,
and only so high.

It was like floating,
with balloons,
and you had to push off things,
to move.

Everything felt slow,
and for some reason,
things just didn’t work.

And in the dream,
there was something bad.
There was something,
you wanted to fly away from.

But for some reason,
everything felt slow,
and though you could fly,
you could never get away.

You had a dream,
and in the dream,
you could fly,
but not like a superhero.

Experimental Poetry Form: anapestic meter with rhyme

Today’s experimental poetry form uses anapestic meter.  In each foot of this meter there are two short syllables followed by a long one.  It is the meter you might hear in a limerick.

In the form, there is one stanza with eight lines.  Each line has two anapestic feet.  In the form, lines two and four rhyme, and lines six and eight rhyme.  With the unstressed syllables noted with an -, the stress syllables noted with an *, and the rhyming lines noted with R and a number, the form looks as follows:

– – * – – *
– – * – – * R 1
– – * – – *
– – * – – * R 1
– – * – – *
– – * – – * R 2
– – * – – *
– – * – – * R 2

Here is an example poem using the form:

The small dog did have wings,
and it flew in the sky.
And the birds they did watch,
as the dog it flew by.
Then they asked how it flew,
and the dog it did say,
that it flew with its wings,
that it flew just like they.


As a note, there will be new blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things November 22, 2018 – November 25, 2018.  The next new post will be on November 26, 2018.  Happy Thanksgiving.

A photograph to inspire poetry: flying bird

flying bird

Above is a photograph of a bird flying above trees.  It may be a hawk.  This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here are some ideas:

  • This photograph required timing. It required being there when the bird was flying and getting the shot as the bird flew and was in range.  The idea of timing could be applied to poetry.  A poet could write about timing in different situations.  A poet could also use timing in their poetry (for example with line breaks and indentions) to increase effects.

  • Obviously, a poet could write about flying. A poet could write about birds flying, flying in planes or flying as if with super powers.

  • This bird may be hunting. A poet could write about an animal hunting for prey.

  • This bird, at the time of the photograph, was flying away from the camera. The idea of going away could be used in poetry.  For example, a poet could write about one person leaving another under different circumstances.

Here is a poem inspired by the photograph:

in the dream
trying so hard
could only jump
and have the sense
of the roller coaster
until the moment
of realization
and then with freedom

Poetry topic idea: flying

Today’s poetry topic idea is flying.  There are lots of ways to use the idea of flying in poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • birds flying

  • insects flying

  • flying on planes

  • flying in dreams

  • flying objects

  • unidentified flying objects

  • flying as a metaphor for feelings


Here is an example poem that uses flying:

trying to fly,
in the dream,
can’t do more,
than leap high

Experimental Poetry Form: Seven lines, random syllable counts, and a rhyming pattern

This experimental poetry form consists of seven lines.  The lines have the following syllable counts: 11, 9, 10, 7, 12, 6 and 9.  The syllable counts were determined, by shuffling a deck of cards, dealing out seven and giving syllable counts corresponding to the values.  The rhyming pattern is AABABBA.  This pattern matches the odd/even qualities of the syllables counts of the lines.  Odd lines, are A rhymes, even lines, are B rhymes.  The form has no meter.  Here is an example poem written in the form:

Upon the soft grass and looking up so high,
and seeing a hawk as it does fly,
gliding above without flapping a wing,
makes one think and wonder why,
as the hawk flies above in a circular ring,
why there it does not sing,
because it seems with joy it would try.

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Poem series: Space: Blank verse poem

To float among the planets and the moons,
in such a way as if they were condensed,
and with a pushing of the arms and hands,
as if to swim within a silent lake,
travel among the orbs that spin around,
and move from gas to red to ice to blue,
and stop and float and then descend within,
a sphere of blue that seems to glow and swirl,
and see colors and shapes of size and form,
that seem like art or as imagined things,
and fly around and see what feels like wind,
that blows within a breeze through shaded trees,
and move with speed and with agility,
around mountains and streams of flowing blue,
and land and walk upon a field ice,
and yet to feel no sense of any cold,
and then to walk into a cave of stone,
and see crystals that shine as light flows through,
and then to fly up high within the clouds,
through mists of gas that seem as if clear air,
over oceans that flow from south to north,
that have islands that seem like stepping stones,
to continents with shores of crystal sands,
with plains and hills and fields that go within,
and then to pause and take a time to breathe,
and wait some time before the push to fly,
that leads into the silence of the dark,
and see an orb of orange flowing gas,
and fly through dark toward what seems so nearby,
is a bright dream that seeing stars can cause.