Artwork to inspire poetry: Couscous with garbanzo beans, peppers, mushrooms and bok choy

Couscous with garbanzo beans, peppers, mushrooms and bok choy

Above is an artwork of a meal.  A meal can be art.  The meal is couscous with garbanzo beans, peppers, mushrooms and bok choy.  Additional ingredients include vegetable oil, salt, red pepper flakes, dried dill and water.

The meal was prepared by sautéing the peppers, mushrooms and bok choy in the vegetable oil along with the salt, red pepper flakes and dried dill.  Partway through the cooking, the garbanzo beans were added.  When all that was near done, the couscous was stirred in and then water was added.  The pan everything was in was covered and the couscous was allowed to steam in the water.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  Here are some ideas:

  • The meal is vegan. A poet could write about veganism.

  • A poet could write about a dinner where this meal is served.

  • A poet could write about the person eating this meal. They could explore why the person is eating it (e.g. health reasons) and describe the cooking.

  • The meal is relatively inexpensive to make. A poet could write about cooking with a budget.

  • There are lots of colors in the meal. A poet could be inspired by those colors and combinations and use them in symbolism in poetry.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Orange Bell Pepper Piece

Orange Bell Pepper Piece

Above is an artwork of a piece of an orange bell pepper.  It shows the part of the fruit a person would eat, the pith and two seeds near the top.  This artwork can inspire poetry.  As some ideas, a poet could write about

  • Cooking.

  • The idea of identification. (Is a bell pepper a fruit, a vegetable, a berry, a pepper or a chili?)

  • The idea of acceptability (part of the fruit is eaten, but part is thrown away).

  • The idea of focus. Most of the artwork is taken up by the pith.  This may seem to be an unusual focus.  A poet could apply the idea of what is focused on to life situations.

Here is an example poem:

at the wedding,
someone asked,
about the centerpieces

Poetry topic idea: overeating

Today’s poetry topic idea is overeating.  Some ways this could be used in poetry include:

  • Poems that contrast overeating with starvation, the idea of comparing over abundance with deprivation.

  • Poems that look at the side effects of overeating.

  • Poems that use overeating in a metaphorical sense. The idea could be applied to many instances of overindulgence.

  • Poems that look at the idea of gluttony.

  • Poems that examine overeating from a psychological perspective.

Poem with an explanation: arranged

Olives, peppers, mixed,

roasted pepper plate,

sliced tomato tray,

marinated things,

arranged for a late meal,

lonely, eaten here


The poem above uses the experimental poetry form: thorns with a flower bud from the January 7, 2016 post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.

In keeping with the form, the poem was written so that it would seem slightly off.  The first four lines describe food that might be seen as tasting good.  The meter though, is intended to make the lines not seem quite right.

The fifth line, with its iambic tetrameter meter is intended to sound more natural.  Additionally, it explains the first four lines.  At this point, the poem should change in tone from seeming somewhat off, to somewhat positive.

The last line though, goes back to the previous form, and because it reveals that this meal is being eaten by someone who is lonely, and presumably alone, it goes back to the poem not sounding as positive as it could.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Noodles with tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and other things

Noodles with tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and other things

This artwork is of food.  As referenced before on this blog, food can be art.  This artwork is of whole wheat noodles with plum tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, black olives, celery, salt, oil, basil, oregano, and some other things that were in the can of tomatoes and in the can of olives.  One artistic aspect of it is the way the red, green and light brown colors mix together.

This artwork can inspire poetry in a few ways.  Some include:

  • General poems about food
  • A poem about this particular dish
  • A poem referencing the colors of red, green and light brown
  • General poems about cooking
  • Poems about different kinds of art
  • A poem about the ingredients in the dish