Poem with an explanation: of thinking of the future

There was the earth
and the wood
and words
and tears

and standing there,
there was a moment
of thinking of
the future.


This poem is about death, mourning, and being alone.  In the poem, a person’s pet has died.  In the process of mourning the person buries their pet (There was the earth), they put a marker at the grave (and the wood), they say some words over their pet’s grave (and words) and they feel sad and cry (and tears).  As this happens (and standing there), the person has a moment of realization (there was a moment).  They wonder who will take care of them and feel sadness for them when they die (of thinking of the future).  The person in the poem is alone and they don’t have anyone like their pet had.

Poem: progress

There were four:

  the horse, the driver, the carriage, and the passenger.

Then there was the horseless carriage and there were three:

  the driver, the car, and the passenger.

Now there is the driverless car and there are two:

  the car and the passenger.

In the future, will there be teleportation, and only be one:

  the passenger?

And after that, will there be virtual travel, and there be none?

Experimental Poetry Form: alternating four and five letter words

Today’s experimental poetry form has the criteria of alternating four and five letter words.  Other than this, the form has no criteria.  One way to use the form, as shown below, would be to apply it to another form.  In this case, the form was applied to the haiku form.


Some paths flow about,
seen among cool light blue stars,
eyes stare over hills


The form is not difficult to use, however some thought must be given to word choice, both to find words that match the correct letter count, and to find words that make sense in order.  Applying the form to another form, does increase the difficulty some.