Bilingual Poem: It’s funny, but it probably would be

Breaking News!

Something good happened in the world.

Details at eleven.


¡Noticias Inmediata!

Algo bueno pasó en el mundo.

Detalles a las once.


Poem Series: George: George was a good bird

George was a good bird.

She used to fly to people’s heads,
and fly from one person to another.

She used to play with toys,
and make a bell ring.

She used to eat bread,
and fruit she was fed.

She used to fly about the house,
and land above the bookshelf.

She used tweet so much,
and just kept going and going.

She used to peck at hands,
if a person played with her.

She used to like her cage,
and felt safe there.

George was a good bird.