A photograph to inspire poetry: Christmas leaves

Christmas leaves

Above is a photograph of red and green leaves.  The leaves are in traditional Christmas colors.  This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it.

The tree,
knows better.
Christmas starts,
on Christmas Day,
it doesn’t end.
These decorations,
will be out,
for a while.


A photograph to inspire poetry: green dragonfly on a banana leaf

green dragonfly on a banana leaf

Above is a photograph of a green dragonfly on a banana leaf.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • The idea of a person matching their surrounds. This matching could mean in terms of culture, personality, appearance or something else.  The idea is that a poet could relate a person to a place in the same way that this dragonfly relates to the banana leaf.

  • The idea of appearance not matching reality. In this case, the dragonfly has thin translucent wings.  It almost seems as though they should not work for flying.  Despite this though, they do work.  A poet could translate this idea to people.  They could write about a person whose appearance, as perceived by others, does not match their abilities.

  • The idea of names. The dragonfly and the banana leaf both have descriptive names.  There is a dragon-fly and there is a banana-leaf.  A poet could write about names.  They could write about how a name describes a person, thing or place and how that name is perceived by others and by the person or thing (if aware) that has it.  A poet could write about the impact of names.

Here is a poem inspired by the photograph:

By choice,
or by chance,
in sunlight,
and shadows,

A photograph to inspire poetry: a red and green plant

Red and Green Plant

This is a photograph of a red and green plant.  It can inspire poetry.  Some ideas include:

  • The plant has a shiny almost waxy look to it, as if it were artificial. It might be more typical for a poem to be written where something fake is attempting to seem real.  In this case, the opposite idea could be applied: something real, seeming to be fake.  This notion could be applied to situations in life that could be used in poems.  For example, a poet could think of a social situation in a social subculture, where something real isn’t valued as much as something artificial.  They could imagine a person trying portray something that is real as being artificial, for the purpose of fitting in with the group.

  • Obviously being red and green, this plant might inspire Christmas poetry.

  • The plant is shiny and reflecting light. This idea of reflection could be used in poetry.

  • The plant is curling around the edges. A poet might see this and decide to write about curly hair.

A photograph to inspire poetry: a tiny winged creature on a citrus leaf

a tiny winged creature on a citrus leaf

This photograph is of a tiny winged creature on a citrus leaf.  It can inspire poetry.  One aspect of it that can inspire poetry, is the colors of the creature.  This little creature is brightly colored with orange, yellow and green.  A poet could see this and decide to write about:

  • Someone who is wearing orange, yellow and green
  • An orange, yellow and green piece of jewelry
  • Orange and yellow flowers with green plants around them
  • Orange, yellow and green lights
  • A painting that is orange, yellow and green
  • Orange, yellow and green fruits

Post Series: The Christmas Series: A photograph to inspire poetry: Small red and green plant

Small red and green plant

This photograph is of a small red and green plant.  As red and green are traditional Christmas colors, this small plant seemed appropriate.  Also, the plant just generally looks nice.  In another sense though, this plant has a different significance.

Before this photograph was taken, M. Sakran had in mind to photograph a green plant with red berries.  This seemed like it would be the most appropriate subject for the post.  A difficulty occurred though, in that M. Sakran could not locate such a plant in the near vicinity.  Because of this, the plant in the photograph was selected.

This idea, of having to substitute, can be the poetry inspiration from this photograph.  Often during Christmas, substitutions have to be made.  For example, if a certain gift can’t be found, a different gift may have to be purchased.  Or, if an ingredient is missing, one dish, may have to substitute for another.  These ideas of substitution can be used in poetry.

A Poem: A small green fruit

A small green fruit

A small green fruit that’s cured for taste,
with water and salt and time that’s paced,
has oil that shines as light goes through,
and gleams with a golden bright hue,
and from it many meals are based.

Sour, salt, oil and bitter are faced,
in fruit and oil and even in paste,
eaten as sides and in dishes too,
a small green fruit.

With any meal a bowl can be placed,
and it would not seem to be misplaced,
as long as there were not just a few,
but enough of them that it would do,
and they were eaten with no haste,
a small green fruit.