A photograph to inspire poetry: dead curly tendril of a grape vine

dead curly tendril of a grape vine

Above is a photograph of a dead curly tendril of a grape vine.  The tendril is dead, but the vine is still alive in its roots.

This photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

the curls of her hair
seemed to spell a word
as the light reflected off
and the shadows moved about

Bilingual Poem: Dear future

Dear future,
please accept this apology,
on behalf of present,
because of its hair style.

P. S. Past would like to say it’s sorry for the clothes.


Estimado futuro,
por favor acepta esta disculpa,
en nombre de presente,
porque de le moda de pelo.

D. L. Pasado querría hablar le arrepentido por las ropas.