Artwork to inspire poetry: hand with a rubber band

hand with rubber band

Above is an artwork of a hand with a rubber band.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Restriction.  The fingers of the hand are restricted by the rubber band.   A poet could apply this idea to a person or a group of people being restricted by something.

  • Degrees of freedom.  In the artwork, the thumb is completely free.  The ring and the pinky fingers have less mobility, and the first and middle finger are bound together.  A poet could apply this idea of degrees of freedom to situations in life.

  • Rhyming with “and”.  In the artwork there is a hand with a rubber band.  A poet could see this and think that “hand” and “band” rhyme.  They could then write a poem with other words that rhyme with “and”.  Here are some words that rhyme with “and”: band, banned, canned, fanned, gland, hand, land, manned, panned, paned, rand, stand, and tanned.

  • Boredom.  A poet could see the artwork of a hand with a rubber band and think of someone bored at that their desk who is playing with an office supply to pass the time.  They could extend this idea and write about other ways people deal with boredom.


Here is an example poem:

thumbing through the records
pointing at the band
the one in the middle
and hearing the music ring
as they strummed their pink guitars

Artwork to inspire poetry: hand holding a pear

hand holding a pear

Above is an artwork of a hand holding a pear.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Focus. In the artwork, the hand is black and white and the pear is in color.  This might make the pear the focus of the artwork.  A poet could write about the idea of focus.  They could write about how people focus on one thing or another in different situations.  They could write about the implications of this.

  • Movement. The hand in the artwork is holding the pear by the stem.  It is almost as if the hand is taking it from somewhere or putting it somewhere.  A poet could write about this idea of movement and apply it to different things.

  • Ornaments. In some way, the hand appears to be holding the pear the way a person might be holding a Christmas ornament.  It is as if the pear is going to be placed on a Christmas tree.  A poet could use this idea in poetry.

  • Being pear-shaped. Some people consider themselves to have a pear shape.  The hand holding the pear could be used to metaphorically relate to this.  For example, if a person did not like their pear shape and they wanted to change it, they could interpret the artwork as meaning that changing their pear shape is in their hands.  Different ideas could be used as well.

Here is an example poem inspired by the artwork:

the three year old
stood by the wall
as everyone laughed and played
with the new baby

Artwork to inspire poetry: Hand holding an apple

Hand holding an apple

Above is an artwork of a hand holding an apple.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Picking fruit. A poet could examine things like an individual picking fruit from their own tree, or they could look at something like farm labor.

  • A person handing a piece of fruit to someone else. This idea could be applied to many contexts.  As an example, a poet could write about someone handing someone else a piece of fruit at a food pantry.

  • Someone looking at an apple. A poet could examine different things the person might be thinking about.  An example might be the color of the apple reminds the person of something.

  • A person about to do something with an apple. They might be making an apple pie or they might be turning it into juice.

  • A person with a disability. An example might be writing about a person that has trouble using their hand, and holding things, like an apple, might be part of the therapy they are going through.  As another example, a poet might write about a person who lost the use of their hand and finally regained the ability to hold something, like an apple.  A poet could write about that moment.

Here is an example poem:

After staring at the apple,
for ten minutes,
he gave up.

looks so easy,
in the movies.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Hand


Above is an artwork of a hand.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

There’s an expression,
of knowing something,
like the palm of your hand.

But how many,
actually know,
what theirs looks like?

having it there,
for all of your life,
how many know,
it’s appearance,
and would truly,
be able,
to tell it from others?

There’s a lesson here,
in observation,
in all things,
that many see,
but few take time,
to notice.

You may have heard,
after someone or something is gone,
someone say,
that they don’t remember.

They don’t remember,
the color of the person’s eyes,
or what the tree looked like,
or how the dog played.

Though they’ve seen these things,
innumerable times,
they did not stop,
and see.

There’s a lesson in this.

Observe the things,
you see every day,
the things you would miss,
if they were gone.

For despite knowing them,
like the palm of your hand,
you may only know them,
as well as that.

Artwork to inspire poetry: A hand

A hand

This is a drawing of a hand.  It can be used to inspire poetry.  Some ideas might be to write a poem about:

  • Hand surgery
  • A person working with their hands
  • A moment (the hand appears still, as if it’s pausing)
  • People meeting (as in, shaking hands)
  • A different view (this is not the back of the hand or the palm of the hand, but the side of the hand)


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