Poem: Will it seem real?

Think about this.

One day
when all this is over
and life returns to normal
years later
they will write about this
in history books.

Your children
or grandchildren
will read about it.

Think back
to the things you read
in history books.

Did it come through?
Did it seem real?

Did some sentence that said
some drastic thing
really sink in?

One day
this will be in history books.

What will they say?

Will it come through?

Will it seem real?

Think about
describing all of this
to someone
who wasn’t alive yet
twenty years from now.

Will it come through?

Will it seem real?

Poem Series: Time: sepia tones

You paint a picture
of your past
with sepia tones
and vintage clothes

but back then
in that time
the tones were clear
the clothes were new

there was no culture
no sense of era
no sense of things
now so easily defined

it wasn’t romantic
or nostalgic
it wasn’t a story
a movie in a listener’s mind

it wasn’t a story
something with music
no voiceover spoke
to add emotion

it wasn’t an image
some mysterious place
some far away
seen through a glass

it was real like this
it was solid like this
there was noise like this
there was dirt like this

it wasn’t history
something lived
thinking how the world
would look back

it wasn’t uniform
it wasn’t a decade
it wasn’t defined
by a song

it was real like this
it was solid like this
there was life like this
there was sense like this

but the stories are told
and the pictures are shown
and eyes look up
and imagine the tones

the black and white
with a sepia tint
of still photographs
and movie reels

the fedora hats
and tailored suits
seem ever present
no matter the time

and despite the knowledge
that all was real
the pictures are shown
with sepia tones