An important correction and A photograph to inspire poetry: Insect wrapped around part of an evergreen bush

Before the photograph part of this post, there is an important correction to make.  In the 1000th Day Blog Post, there are rules for considerations (poems sent in for consideration).  There is a very bad typo in rule #6.  The rule should say:

The poem must not contain foul language.

Please forgive the confusion and any misunderstanding.  It was just an accidental typographical error.

This does pose a small problem however.  Up until this point, no blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things, has been altered past the date it was posted.  This policy has been in place for a variety reasons.  Although altering the post would seem to be the thing to do in this situation, there is some desire on M. Sakran’s part to keep the rule in place if possible.

With that in mind, for the rest of the duration of this consideration time period, please see the new Considerations page for information on how to send in a poem for consideration.  It has the same information about considerations as the 1000th Day blog post, just with the correction, a small edit and a different introductory part.

Thank you all and please forgive the error.

Now back to the photograph.

Insect wrapped around part of an evergreen bush

This is a photograph of an insect wrapped around a part of an evergreen bush.  There are a few poetry ideas that could come from this.

For example, a poet could write about the idea of wrapping around.  They could apply this idea to a comforting situation, for example, a person wrapping a blanket around themselves.  They could look at it more metaphorically, and write about a situation wrapping around someone.

Another idea that could come from this photograph, is the idea of holding on.  In this photograph, the insect is holding on to the bush.  The idea of holding on to something could be applied to many different types of situations and be used in poetry.

In another idea, a poet could be inspired to write about place.  This insect is in a very specific place – at the end of a part of an evergreen bush.  It is right there, near the tip.  The idea of a specific place could be applied to poetry.  A person could write about someone in some type of well-defined location.