Poem: Rug Bee

Why are the bees,
flying about the carpet?

They’re playing rugby.


Poetry topic idea: teeth

Today’s poetry topic idea is teeth.  There are a number of ways to write about teeth in poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • A child losing their baby teeth. A poet could write about growing up and life transitions.

  • A person losing their teeth as they grow older. A poet could write about a person missing teeth, a person getting dentures, or a person getting dental implants.  They could write about aging, the idea of losing something and the idea of adding something to a person.

  • Dental work. A poet could write about fillings, root canals, and extractions.  They could write about what it is like to go to the dentist and the emotions involved.  They could write a poem from the perspective of the patient or the dentist.

  • Animal teeth. A poet could write about shark teeth, dog teeth, wolf teeth, lion teeth, and so forth.  They could write about predators and prey and the idea of hunting.  They could write about animals interacting with other animals and animals interacting with humans.

  • Smiling. A poet could write about smiling and happiness and various ideas that go along with it.

Here is a teeth related poem:

If you were to say that,
“getting a root canal,
is like,
getting a root canal”,
would that be
or redundant?

Experimental Poetry Form: 8/30/3 with choice

The following experimental poetry form combines line count, syllable count and rhyme in a form that has some choice regarding its application.

In the form there are:

Eight lines.  The poet can choose the stanza structure for those lines.

Thirty syllables.  There is no syllable count per line requirement.  The poet can choose how many syllables are in each line under the thirty syllable restriction.

Three lines that rhyme.  The poet can choose which three of the eight lines rhyme.

Here is an example poem written in the form:


What gave you that idea?

That thick lead wall,
that’s so tall?

That’s just there …


hold on, have to run to the hall.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Peach



Above is an artwork of a peach.  It can inspire poetry.  Below are some ideas.  A poet could write about:

  • Peaches in general. A poet could write about the fruit.  They could focus on its color, scent, taste and so forth.

  • Cooked items with peaches. A poet could write about peach pie, peach ice cream, peach preserves, peach cobbler or other cooked foods with peaches.

  • Peaches as symbolism. Peaches could be used in poetry to symbolize summer, sunshine, brightness, nature or other ideas.

Here is a poem using peaches:

the shoe maker,
was given peaches,
and did not see,
the humor