Artwork to inspire poetry: three fruit

Three fruit

This is an artwork of three fruit.  It is of a mandarin orange, on top of a banana, on top of a mango.  The idea was to have a little twist on the standard fruit still life.  The artwork started out as a colored pencil drawing and was then computer altered.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

Great heights can be reached,
standing on the shoulders of others –

just make sure,
you get their permission first,
it could sort of be awkward.


Poetry topic idea: accidents

Today’s poetry topic idea is accidents.

Accidents could be viewed in different ways and from different perspectives.

Accidents could be major things, such as car accidents, or minor things, such as spilling a drink.

Accidents could be viewed from the person who commits the accident, or, if there is one, from the person who is the recipient of it.

Looking at accidents, one could look at issues, such as responsibility, accountability, intention, apology and guilt.

Accidents could be viewed as having negative consequences (e.g. a car accident) or positive consequences (e.g. if not for some accident, the couple would never have met).

Here is an accident related poem:

Cutting the hair,
the guard slipped …

uh …
does anyone have a hat?

Poetry topic idea: The Finch

Today’s poetry topic idea is The FinchThe Finch is a science fiction novel about two friends and their flying ship written by M. Sakran.  You can read the entire novel from  One chapter was posted each week and the last chapter was posted yesterday.

A novel can be a very broad start for writing poetry.  There are so many aspects and details in a novel that numerous poems could be written.  The Finch is about friendship, flying ships and adventure.  Lots of ideas can come from it.

Here are some poems inspired by the novel:

Capture Georgia?
Get ready for a bad day.

Captinal Larceny?
That’s not good.
Wait till Hugo comes.

The Confederation,
would like you to fill out this form,
… and these twelve others.

Transport 7?!
What kind of name is that?
Now, Yellow Jacket – there’s a cool name.

So the ship is dented,
and probably can’t fly –
at least it’s right-side up.