Poem with an explanation: 3 slices of bread

3 slices of bread
eyes close

steak with seasoning forming a crust
potatoes fried and crispy
peas and carrots with butter
apple pie


In this poem a person is hungry and poor.  All they have to eat is three slices of bread.  In their condition, they close their eyes and imagine the bread to be a dinner of steak, potatoes, peas and carrots, apple pie, and coffee.  The poem generally is about a person in a current condition imagining themselves in a better condition.

Bilingual Poem: The dog is hungry

The dog is hungry,
by why?

The dog ate in the morning.

The dog ate in the afternoon.

The dog ate at night.

With no words,
the dog speaks.

The dog is hungry.



¿El perro tiene hambre,
pero por qué?

El perro comió en la mañana.

El perro comió en la tarde.

El perro comió en noche.

Con no palabras,
el perro habla.

El perro tiene hambre.

¿Por qué?