Poetry topic idea: ice

Today’s poetry topic idea is ice.  Ice appears in many places and situations and each comes with a different connotation for poetry.

As examples, ice can appear:

  • on roads

  • as glaciers

  • as icebergs

  • in drinks

  • in coolers

  • in freezers

  • as icicles

  • in medical settings

  • under trays of food in buffets

Each of these places and situations can be used differently in poetry.  A poet could use ice directly, as a metaphor for something or as a way to discuss an idea.

Here is an example poem using ice:

running with the cooler,
instead of sodas,
a heart

Poem series: Space: Blank verse poem

To float among the planets and the moons,
in such a way as if they were condensed,
and with a pushing of the arms and hands,
as if to swim within a silent lake,
travel among the orbs that spin around,
and move from gas to red to ice to blue,
and stop and float and then descend within,
a sphere of blue that seems to glow and swirl,
and see colors and shapes of size and form,
that seem like art or as imagined things,
and fly around and see what feels like wind,
that blows within a breeze through shaded trees,
and move with speed and with agility,
around mountains and streams of flowing blue,
and land and walk upon a field ice,
and yet to feel no sense of any cold,
and then to walk into a cave of stone,
and see crystals that shine as light flows through,
and then to fly up high within the clouds,
through mists of gas that seem as if clear air,
over oceans that flow from south to north,
that have islands that seem like stepping stones,
to continents with shores of crystal sands,
with plains and hills and fields that go within,
and then to pause and take a time to breathe,
and wait some time before the push to fly,
that leads into the silence of the dark,
and see an orb of orange flowing gas,
and fly through dark toward what seems so nearby,
is a bright dream that seeing stars can cause.