Bilingual Poem: Turning empty

The dog loved walking,
but turned back because of the heat,
  a cat drank from the bird bath.

El perro encantó andando,
pero volvió porque del calor,
  un gato bebió del bañera de ave.

P.S.  Today on, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction.  The photograph is of an insect and the artwork is of a miner.  The poem is about both the insect and the miner, and the fiction is about the insect.

The photograph and artwork, can inspire poetry and the poem can be read.  As it relates to this blog, it is noteworthy, that the fiction story was written in a poetic manner.  It was influenced by poetry style.  In addition, the story itself can inspire poetry.

As a side note, the type of insect in the photograph, has not been identified.  It appears to be some type of wasp.  Should any reader know the exact type of insect that it is, please let M. Sakran know by using the contact page on this blog or on