Artwork to inspire poetry: love bugs

Love bugs

This artwork is of love bugs.  These bugs might also be called by other names.  At times, the bugs fly about attached to each other, hence their name.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Love, relationships and assorted ideas.

  • The idea of attachment.

  • Pairs.

  • Jealousy.

  • Letting go.

Here is a poem inspired by this artwork:

Holding hands,
in the park,
their first date

P. S. On, there is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction. The photograph is of a water lily, the artwork is of mandarin orange wedge, the poetry is about sunset on a lake, and the fiction is a short story about two women going to swim at a lake.  All of the items can inspire poetry.  Take a look at them, and let M. Sakran know what you think by using the form on the Contact page.

A photograph to inspire poetry: three insects

three insects

This is a photograph of three insects.  There is the black one with the orange stripes and the two green ones.  Before the picture was taken, the two green insects were on the plant, and the black and orange one jumped onto it.

The intent of the black and orange insect was unclear.  Did it randomly jump on the plant or did it go there intentionally?  Was it hunting the green insects or did it just not view them as a threat?

This photograph can inspire poetry.  A poet could write a poem examining the orange and black insect’s intent.  They could write the poem from the perspective of the orange and black insect or from the perspective of the green insects (or both and put them together).

A poet could take the idea of the photograph – one type of living thing with two other living things that are the same – and translate this to people.  For example, a poet could write a poem about an adult and two children.  Other ideas such as race, ethnicity, gender, etc. could be used as well.

Additionally, a poet could be inspired by the photograph and write a poem about the idea of meeting.  In some way, the orange and black insect met the two green ones.  A poet could use this idea and write a poem about people meeting.