A photograph to inspire poetry: some type of lawn plant

some type of lawn plant

This is a photograph of either the seed pods or unopened flowers of some type of lawn plant. They are actually quite pretty with the red striped colors.

This photograph could inspire poetry. Here is a poem inspired by it:

After the rain,
and wind,
of the night,
in the cool morning,
the lawn celebrated,
with decorations.

Artwork to inspire poetry: three fruit

Three fruit

This is an artwork of three fruit.  It is of a mandarin orange, on top of a banana, on top of a mango.  The idea was to have a little twist on the standard fruit still life.  The artwork started out as a colored pencil drawing and was then computer altered.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

Great heights can be reached,
standing on the shoulders of others –

just make sure,
you get their permission first,
it could sort of be awkward.


Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: A photograph to inspire poetry: Worth it

Worth it

This is the fourth and last photograph of this dragonfly.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

clear wings,
holding on,
seeing up close,
even the little hairs on the legs,
even the structure of the wings,
glowing in the sunlight,
the eyes looking away,
after all of the searching,
all of the waiting,
all of the trying,
this was worth it.