Artwork to inspire poetry: red leaf

red leaf

Above is an artwork of a red leaf.  It is based off of the photograph from the blog post A photograph to inspire poetry: red leaf.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • The season of fall.

  • Something generally changing color.

  • Something red represented by the leaf.

  • Death.

  • Something leaving before something takes its place.

  • Transition.

A photograph to inspire poetry: tiny frog

tiny frog

Above is a photograph of a tiny frog.  The frog was about the size of a pinky nail.  The photograph can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

This is so weird,
 breathing air,
 and not being under the water,
this is so weird.

Artwork to inspire poetry: Hand


Above is an artwork of a hand.  It can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

There’s an expression,
of knowing something,
like the palm of your hand.

But how many,
actually know,
what theirs looks like?

having it there,
for all of your life,
how many know,
it’s appearance,
and would truly,
be able,
to tell it from others?

There’s a lesson here,
in observation,
in all things,
that many see,
but few take time,
to notice.

You may have heard,
after someone or something is gone,
someone say,
that they don’t remember.

They don’t remember,
the color of the person’s eyes,
or what the tree looked like,
or how the dog played.

Though they’ve seen these things,
innumerable times,
they did not stop,
and see.

There’s a lesson in this.

Observe the things,
you see every day,
the things you would miss,
if they were gone.

For despite knowing them,
like the palm of your hand,
you may only know them,
as well as that.

A photograph to inspire poetry: light orange colored lily

light orange colored lily

Above is a photograph of a light orange colored lily.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Funeral flowers. Lilies are sometimes seen as funeral flowers. Although those might be white, a poet could write a poem where a person had light orange colored ones at their funeral.

  • Sunsets. Light orange is a color that might be seen in sunsets.  The light shining might color things like flowers.  A poet could write about sunsets and how the light changes the color of things.

  • Less than fullness. This flower is light orange.  It is not fully orange.  A poet could apply the idea of less than fullness to other things and use them in poetry.

  • Gardens. A poet could write about gardens with lily flowers and other types of plants.

Here is a poem inspired by the photograph:

these were planted
because you always
liked the scent

Artwork to inspire poetry: Potato Person

Potato Person

Above is an artwork called Potato Person.  It was made by arranging potatoes to make a person shape, taking a photograph of the arrangement, and computer altering the photograph.  This artwork can inspire poetry.  One idea is would be to see symbolism in a person made out of potatoes and apply this idea to a poem.  The idea of a person being metaphorically made of something basic could be used in a variety of ways in a poem.

Here is an example poem inspired by the artwork:

After working in the ground,
for months on end,
the farmer finally sold,
pieces of himself.