Poem: a journey

Lost somewhere,
what time is it?

It’s been a long day,
and it’s only started.

There’s a sense,
to count the hours,
but after a while,
the watch went in the bag.

There’s so much ahead,
miles and minutes (hours),
there’s so much ahead,
until the rest.


Experimental Poetry Form: alternating four and five letter words

Today’s experimental poetry form has the criteria of alternating four and five letter words.  Other than this, the form has no criteria.  One way to use the form, as shown below, would be to apply it to another form.  In this case, the form was applied to the haiku form.


Some paths flow about,
seen among cool light blue stars,
eyes stare over hills


The form is not difficult to use, however some thought must be given to word choice, both to find words that match the correct letter count, and to find words that make sense in order.  Applying the form to another form, does increase the difficulty some.

Poetry topic idea: Rain drops

Today’s poetry topic idea is rain drops.  In this case, the idea only refers to individual drops of rain or distinct groups of drops of rain, as opposed to rain in general.

Rain drops can be used in poems in a number of ways.  One idea would be to write a poem that contrasts an individual and a group.  Rain drops could be used as a metaphor.  One rain drop among a group of drops (for example, drops that have fallen on a table outdoors) could be written about as it relates to the group.  Issues of individuality, conformity, and interactions with others, in addition to other ideas, could be examined using the metaphor.

Another idea of rain drops that can be used in poetry is the idea of being self-contained.  A rain drop is a self-contained unit of water.  This notion can be applied to poetry and be used to relate something small and self-contained to the environment around it.

Another thought would be to examine a rain drop as it falls from the sky.  A poem could describe the journey it takes.  This journey could also be used as a small metaphorical part in a poem that describes something else.