Experimental Poetry Form: Four blocks

This experimental poetry form includes the elements of layout on the page, line count, word count and repeats.

The form consists of four blocks.  They are laid out as follows:

Block 1                           Block 2

Block 3                           Block 4

The blocks as a group are centered (or roughly so).  Block 1 is to the upper left, Block 2 is to the upper right, Block 3 is to the bottom left and Block 4 is to bottom right.  There is more space between the columns than the between the rows.  The actual distances can be varied.

Secondly, each block consists of four lines of twenty words total.  There is no requirement regarding the number of words per line.

In terms of repeats, at least two words from Block 1, must appear in Block 2.  A different two words (at least) from Block 2, must appear in Block 3.  Finally, a further different two words (at least) from Block 3, must appear in Block 4.

Here is an example poem written in the form.  The repeated words are noted by being bold (first set), italicized (second set) and underlined (third set):

    Two fantail goldfish,                                                            The two knights battle,
    swim through a resin log,                                                   each with a steel long sword,
    eat amazon and rosette sword plants,                            upon a wide log,
    and play in the small bubbles.                                           that spans the fast moving river.

    The battle went on for days,                                                For days they fought on,
    over who would own the lone river,                                   beside the turbid flow,
    that flowed speedily beneath,                                             their swords moved speedily,
    the tank’s filter.                                                                      as each sought to claim the land.