Experimental Poetry Form: 15 bean soup

Today’s experimental poetry form is called 15 bean soup.  It is based off of the idea of fifteen different things coming together to make one thing.

The poetry form is simple.  It consists of fifteen words each starting with a different letter.  Each word represents a bean in the soup.  Other than this requirement, the poem can look how the poet wants.

Here is an example poem:

in the forest
searching about,

Growing darkness
hides every path.

Knowing no respite.

Experimental Poetry Form: filter

Today’s experimental poetry form is called filter.

In the form, there are two stanzas.  Each stanza has three lines.  Each line has five words.

In the first stanza, each word must contain the letter “a”.  In the second stanza, none of the words can contain the letter “a”.  The idea is that the letter “a” was “filtered out” between the first and the second stanza.

Here is an example poem using the form:

Many emails arrive each day.
Communication has acquired great ease.
Substantial contemplation has apparently disappeared.

Letters used to be costly.
Thought with effort were there.
Words needed to signify something.

Experimental Poetry Form: Fifty letters

Today’s experimental poetry form is based off of fifty.  As mentioned, there are many ways to use fifty as the basis of a poetry form.  Some examples include:

  • An acrostic poem using fifty
  • A poem with fifty syllables
  • A poem with fifty feet
  • A poem with fifty words
  • A poem with fifty lines
  • A concrete poem based off of fifty

Some things based off of fifty might be a little difficult for a poetry form.  Some examples might include:

  • Fifty individual rhymes
  • Fifty repeats
  • Fifty refrains

Today’s experimental poetry form takes a simple approach: a poem with fifty letters.  This is simple for the most part, but can be a little difficult in terms of getting the exact number fifty.  A poet could keep the form simple and just have a free verse poem with fifty letters or a poet could add elements such as meter, rhyme, and syllable count, etc. to the form for an added affect.  Here is a simple free verse poem with fifty letters:

Woe is the poor person –
time does flee,
hope is far,
a life does go.


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