Experimental Poetry Form: inside the box

Today’s experimental poetry form is called inside the box.  The form is based off of layout on the page.

It consists of two main elements: a box and a line within the box.  A poet can decide how the two elements relate to each other.

The box can be any size and should be a rectangle.  The line must only be one line and must fit within the box.  The top line of the box should be read first, the left line second, the right line third, the bottom line fourth, and the inner line fifth.  The lines on the left and right are read from top to bottom.  The other lines are read from left to right

Here is what the form looks like:

*                                        *
*                                        *
*                                        *
*  ****************  *
*                                        *
*                                        *
*                                        *
*                                        *

Here is an example poem to illustrate the form:

There were five days of exercising.
W                                                    A
e                                                     n
g                                                     e
h                                                     l
t                                                      l
s                                                     p
–                                                     t
w    Six pounds were gained.     i
e                                                    c
r                                                     a
e                                                    l

l                                                    w
i                                                    a
f                                                    s
e                                                  u
d                                                  s
.                                                   e
–                                                  d
–                                                   .
Healthier food was eaten as well.

Experimental Poetry Form: Four things

Line 1


Line 2

          Line 3 (ten space indention) (first word same as line 1 first word, last word same as line 2 last word)



                    Line 4 (twenty space indention)


  Line 5 (two space indention) (same first word as line 4)

  Line 6 (two space indention) (same last word as line 5)

          Line 7 (ten space indention) (same first word as line 2)


This experimental poetry form is a combination of line count, line breaks, line indention and word patterns.

Here is a poem in written in the form:


A day will be here soon,


as the Earth moves around the Sun,

          a moment, after the dawn of the Sun,



                    when something passed will appear,


  when a gathering of imagination,

  that came from an imagination,

          as a flower will appear.