Post Series: Advent: Bilingual Poem: This year, do something different

This year,
do something different.

Don’t get,
a plastic tree,
that looks alive.

Don’t get,
a real tree,
that was alive.

a living tree,
that is alive.


Este año,
hace algo distinto.

No obtiene,
un árbol de plástico,
que parece vivo.

No obtiene,
un árbol legítimo,
que estado vivo.

un árbol que vive,
que es vivo.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Living and dying

Living and dying

This photograph shows a plant that is living on one side and dying on the other.  There are many ways this can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • A person who puts on a happy public face, but in private is experiencing something painful.

  • A person who was well on one day, and diagnosed with a disease on the next.

  • An object that was in good condition one day, and destroyed the next (for example a house that burned down).

  • Flowers at a grave.

  • Something in a person dying. It could be seen as negative, such as the hope a person has dying, or it could be positive, such as an addiction a person has dying.

  • Life and death generally.