Artwork to inspire poetry: loquat fruit

loquat fruit

Above is a cropped photograph of loquat fruit.  It is an artwork because the fruit were put in something (as opposed, for example, to being on the tree) and because the photograph was cropped.

The artwork can inspire poetry.  Here is a poem inspired by it:

during the night
they came
birds and insects
eating the fruit
of the loquat tree

the person came out
the next morning
and saw some fruit missing
some half eaten
and some damaged

and they smiled
as this was their intention
when planting the tree

A photograph to inspire poetry: opening loquat flowers

opening loquat flowers

Above is a photograph of opening loquat flowers.  The final flower looks very different than the beginning and middle stages.  This idea can inspire poetry.  Here is an example poem:

drawing an outline
 according to the instructions
 this will look like a flower
 complete with shading and detail
 when this is done

A photograph to inspire poetry: loquat


This photograph is either unripe loquat fruit, or despite their appearance, loquat flowers that have not opened.  There is a bit of uncertainty.

In terms of poetic inspiration, this photograph, whatever it may eventually be, can inspire poetry in a number of ways:

  • A poet could write about the uncertainty of what is here. They could take that idea and apply it other situations in a poem.
  • A poet could write a poem with a scene with the fruit, for example a poem with a scene of people preparing the fruit in a kitchen
  • A poet could see that, at whatever stage this is, it is not ripe fruit. A poet could take that idea and write a poem about things that are not ready.
  • A poet could write a poem about fruit picking.