Experimental Poetry Form: 5/15/15

Today is May 15, 2015.  That date inspired the experimental poetry form of today.

Today’s experimental poetry form is called 5/15/15.  It consists of three lines with five syllables in the first, fifteen in the second, and fifteen in the third.  The second and third lines rhyme.  The first line is not indented, the second line is indented two spaces, and the third line is indented four spaces.

Here is an example poem written in this form:

Another chance missed,
  failing to look up into the dark sky on a certain night,
    and see floating above the gray orb of the full moon in sight.

A photograph to inspire poetry: Moon at morning

A photograph of the moon at morning

Above is a photograph of the moon at morning.  This photograph can inspire a poem in a variety of ways.  A poet could utilize a number of ideas such as:

  • The tenuous nature of the visibility of the moon at this time
  • The sense of the moon holding on
  • The relationship between the moon and the, at least visually, nearby cloud to the right
  • The idea that only part of the moon is visible
  • The paleness of the blue sky
  • A variety of metaphors represented by the above ideas

There are also many other ideas which this photograph could inspire and which could lead to a poem.

Here is an example of a poem inspired by this photograph:

a faint blue shadow

hiding in the sea

will soon disappear

Please feel free to use this photograph as inspiration for a poem.