Poem with an explanation: narrow minded views

the bears
did chastise the deer
for their narrow minded views


This poem is about differing beliefs.  In the poem there are two groups with different beliefs: bears and deer.  Bears are omnivores and deer are herbivores.  The bears chastise the deer, because the deer don’t eat meat.

The groups represent two groups of society.  One group, represented by bears, engages in some behavior.  The other group, represented by deer, don’t.  The group that engages in the behavior believes there is something wrong with the group that doesn’t.

The poem shows the idea of intolerance, but turned around.  It might be more typical for a group that doesn’t do something to be intolerant of a group that does.  This poem twists the idea and shows the group engaging in the behavior being critical of the group that doesn’t.

In the poem, it might seem that the deer have the more moral behavior.  They don’t eat meat.  Rather than they criticizing the bears for doing so, it is the other way around.  The bears look down on the deer for not doing what they do.