Poetry topic idea: westerns

Today’s poetry topic idea is westerns: films, books, shows, and so forth depicting the time period in the American west from around 1865 to 1900.

Westerns can be an interesting idea to write about because there are so many things to them.  A poet could write a poem about the actual west, things in the west, the western genre, or interpretations of the west or depictions of it.

Different ideas a poet could write about include: western towns, ghost towns, cowboys, ranchers, Native Americans, settlement, homesteaders, expansion, western law, western technology, horses, railroads, telegraphs, barbed wire, cattle, cattle drives, sheep, western violence, farming, and prices and pay in the west among other ideas.

A poet could also write about western movie actors, western directors, specific western films, specific western television shows, specific western books, how old westerns related to the time period they came out, how old westerns relate to today, modern westerns, old westerns made in the modern era, and authenticity in westerns.

Here is an example poem about westerns:

So what,
if the sheriff’s horse,
had white socks,
in one scene,
and no socks,
in the next?

they got dust on them,
or maybe,
the white was just from the light,
or maybe,
the sheriff switched horses.

There are a lot
of very reasonable

It doesn’t mean
they made a mistake
in the movie.

Poem: in real life

You’ve seen it in movies,
haven’t you?

There’s the hero.
Things aren’t going well.
They are quite downtrodden.

Then something happens.
A motivation.
An inspiration.

The music changes.

The video montage plays.

They train.
They study.
They work.

Things change.

Things look better.
They look better.
They cheer at the end of the music.

what is portrayed to be,
a few days,
or weeks,
or months,
everything turns around.

The hero,
loses weight,
or learns to box,
or becomes the top salesperson,
or writes the novel,
or whatever the goal is.

But real life,
isn’t like the movies.

and motivation,
aren’t enough.

In real life,
days take days,
weeks take weeks,
and months take months.

In real life,
things are tedious.

In real life,
things don’t work.

In real life,
things aren’t one for one.

In real life,
motivation + effort,
doesn’t necessarily,
= success.

In real life,
after the inspiration,
after the motivation,
while some music may play,
the video montage doesn’t.

The first day,
of a six month journey,
might take five seconds,
on the screen,
but it takes,
eighty six thousand four hundred seconds,
in real life.

In real life,
things are hard.

In real life,
wanting something,
isn’t enough.

In real life,
there is tedium,
and mistakes.

In real life,
after the inspiration,
after the motivation,
no video montage plays.

Poetry topic idea: makeup

Today’s poetry topic idea is makeup.  Makeup can inspire a number of poetry ideas.  A poet could write about:

  • Appearance. Makeup is meant to change, and generally improve, a person’s appearance.  A poet could write about appearance and how makeup alters it.  They could focus on before and after, societal ideas of appearance, self-worth, inner appearance vs. outer appearance, and other things.

  • Masks. A poet could relate makeup to the idea of masks.  They could write about things like a person changing how they act to reflect their appearance.

  • Movies. Makeup is used in movies.  A poet could write about characters, roles, and how an actor can appear different with the use of makeup.

  • Hiding. Makeup can be used to hide things such as aging, blemishes, tiredness, and so forth.  A poet could write about this and expand on the idea of hiding.

  • Beauty. Makeup can be related to beauty.  A poet could write about beauty and approach it from different perspectives.

Here is a poem inspired by makeup:

there were black and white movies,
and none thought
that something was lacking.

But then,
color came
and movies were glowing
and bright,
and all of a sudden
black and white movies,
didn’t seem the same.

Once something has been added,
the previous situation,
which seemed sufficient,
becomes lacking.