Poetry topic idea: nightmare

Today’s poetry topic idea is nightmare.  A poet could use the idea of nightmares in a lot of ways.  A poet could write about:

  • Fear.  A poet could write about the underlying emotion of fear that is in nightmares.  They could explore different fears and how a person deals with them.

  • A nightmare in actual life. A poet could write about a life situation that is like a nightmare.  They could compare the actual situation to the imagined one of a nightmare.  They could explore the difference between what is real and what isn’t.

  • Different nightmares. A poet could explore different nightmares.  An example might be the nightmare of being chased.  A poet could look at this kind of nightmare and write about the emotions and situations involved in it.

  • How nightmares reflect real life. A poet could look at the psychology of nightmares and write about how they might reflect what is happening in a person’s life.

  • Nightmares of real situations. A poet could write about a nightmare a person has about something that really happened to them.  They could explore the idea of dreaming of something that is real.

  • Waking up from a nightmare. A poet could write about what it is like to wake up from a nightmare.  They could write about the feeling of realizing something was only a dream.

Here is an example poem:

a meaningless dream
then feeling awake
someone is in the room
how did they get in?

not being able to move
not being able to speak
what is going to happen
why are they here?

feeling something
and then the bed
looking around
is anyone there?

having a moment
of realization
but it felt so real
was it?