Artwork to inspire poetry: mosquito


Above is an artwork of a mosquito.  Below are some poetry ideas from it.  A poet could write about:

  • Mosquitos. A poet could focus on different aspects.  They might write about their place in nature, the idea of them being pests, ideas about disease or other things.  A poet could focus on seasons and place.  They could also use the ideas symbolically for other things.

  • Blood. A poet could write about different things related to blood.  They could write about donating blood, blood tests, bleeding, the idea of being related and other things.

  • Vulnerability. A poet could think about how vulnerable mosquitos are and apply the idea metaphorically to different situations.

Here is an example poem:

A hat,
long sleeve shirt,
long socks,
closed shoes,

middle of summer,
armor for gardening.

Poetry topic idea: Mosquitoes

When examining mosquitoes as a poetry topic idea, there are a number of ideas that could be focused on.  Examples include: flight, insects, disease, pesticides, insect repellents, water, blood, inching, infection, swamps, summer, humidity and animals.  There are also other ideas that could be focused on.

When writing a poem about mosquitoes they can be focused on directly, for example, by using the ideas above, or, like many other subjects, mosquitoes can be used as inspiration or as a metaphor for something else.

One interesting inspiration that comes from mosquitoes is the idea that they are nuisances: mosquitoes bother the creatures that they bite.  This nuisance, however, is not the intention of mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are seeking food; the annoyance that comes from this is not intended by mosquitoes in a direct way.

This idea can lead to the inspiration to write poetry about similar situations: situations in which some nuisance is caused, but the nuisance is a side effect of another activity, and is not specifically intended.

One specific example of this type of situation, which could be used as a poetry topic, is noise caused by construction.  The noise that comes from construction can feel like a nuisance to those that hear it, but the nuisance is unintentional – it is a side effect from the activity of construction.  A poet could focus on this idea and, for example, show the different perspectives in the situation: the point of view of those making the noise and the point of view of those hearing it.

This construction example is one example of how mosquitoes can inspire poetry.  There are other types of inspiration as well.

Please feel free to use this poetry topic idea to help write a poem.